Man rejects 500k job at British American Tobacco because smoking is a sin – Daddy Freeze reacts

Daddy Freeze has reacted to a tweet where a man who has been jobless for 4 years, rejected a N500,000 job from the British American Tobacco, because according to him, smoking is a sin.

The tweet reads; “Imagine a Nigerian Christian who has been jobless for 4 years rejecting a job offer that pays more than 500k from British American Tobacco/Nigerian breweries because smoking/drinking is a sin.” Daddy Freeze reacts to man who rejected a 500k job from Nigerian breweries”

Below is Freeze’s reaction:

“Drinking alcohol is NOT a sin! Jesus drank alcohol and produced ‘wine’ which is alcoholic…. let’s remember that Jesus was accused of being a drunkard… you can’t be accused of being a drunkard if you drink grape juice.

The disciples were also accused of acting drunk on ‘new wine’ in Acts2 if wine wasn’t alcoholic, why were the disciples accused of being drunk on it?🙄

Cigarettes on the other hand, although not expressly mentioned in the Bible, can be a source of ‘moral’ concern, especially because of the high number of deaths attributed to them each year.

It is however not the job of your pastor to decide your choice of employment, let the Holy Spirit lead you! ~FRZ – ◄ Acts 2:13 ►

New International Version

Some, however, made fun of them and said, “They have had too much wine.”

English Standard Version

But others mocking said, “They are filled with new wine.”

Berean Study Bible

But others mocked them and said, “They are drunk on new wine!”

New American Standard Bible

But others were mocking and saying, “They are full of sweet wine.”

King James Bible ******************

Others mocking said, These men are full of new wine.”



  1. Daddy freeze, if you like quote the Bible upsidedown to suit u the Holy spirit will always win the battle and the devil’s you served will failed.

  2. The guy that rejected such a job after being jobless for four years must be one of those religious lunatics that abound in Africa
    He would later blame some imagined diabolical means from his enemies for his joblessness

  3. I see nothing wrong with the man rejecting a job from BAT based on his conscience on cigarettes. As long as his conscience also teaches him not to depend on those who work at BAT and breweries for handouts! It’s like the case of our Muslim dominated states that are against alcohol but refuse to be cut off the revenue accruing from the sale of alcohol! If you’re against it for religious or ethical reasons, be against the money too!!!

  4. So, if Freeze or what his real name is, is accused of sleeping with a prostitute or being a ritualist/occultic that means he did or is one? Yes now!!!

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