(Episode 10) Broken Trust … A True Life Story!

(Episode 10) Broken Trust ... A True Life Story!

Parker and Laken were successfully withdrawn from school while Hayden took them straight to the hospital where his wife and children were.

Laken: ‘Hello Mom’ he shouted as he sighted her.

Danica: ‘Surprised that his two boys came to the hospital with their father’ she quickly hugged them.

Parker: ‘Mom, Dad has withdrawn us from school’ he said happily. Told you I do not like that school didn’t i?

Danica: You have been what?

Laken: Withdrawn Mom.

Danica: Turning to Hayden and said ‘you didn’t even tell me that you were going to do that, I thought we talked about it.

Hayden: Sweetheart, I cant risk my children been in that school one minute

Danica: But it was only a mistake caused by two teenagers. They already said they will take disciplinary actions.

Hayden: I can’t risk them been there, I am too tired to talk about this. Immediately, the doctor entered their ward with a nurse by his side.

Danica: Yes Doctor, is there any problem?

Doctor: No Madame. I just want to collect their blood for a test of the three of your kids.

Danica: what kind of test if I may ask and with whose permission?

Doctor: for Malaria and Typhoid, your husband told me to do it.

Danica: What is going on here Hayden? Why will you do this without asking me your wife about it first?

Hayden: What is wrong with you and why do you look so frightened? It is just a test. I want my children to be safe and healthy at all time and I want to take any preventive measure against it.

Danica: But you should have told me about it on time.

Hayden: sorry sweetheart. I forgot to tell you about it when I left earlier.

Mason: it’s just a blood test Danica. Why are you fidgeting?

Danica: And who says I am fidgeting? ‘Please you can go on with the test’ she ordered the doctor

The doctor went ahead, collected a sample of their blood and went ahead to conduct the test.

Hayden secretly went along with the doctor and told him all things should be conducted without the wife’s notice and he will be coming for the result in one week. This should give the doctor enough time to conduct the test. The doctor agreed to all they planned.


Later that evening, Brielle was discharged and the whole family went home while Mason left to his place alone. Telling Hayden not to do anything stupid to himself and family while he is away. He only has to be patient till the result is out and went away.

When they got home, Danica prepared dinner for the family. As the family sat at the round table to devour the sumptuous meal. Danica wanted to know if the husband will be going to the hospital to collect the test result.

Danica: Honey, when will you be collecting the test result, I thought you are supposed to check on it before we left.

Hayden: ‘Will do that on my way to work tomorrow’ he said, devouring his food.

Danica: you do not need to worry yourself about the test result, I could go and collect it tomorrow if you want.

Hayden: What! I thought you don’t like hospital? How come you want to willingly go there again?

Danica: Errrmmm. It is just that since you are going to work and I am here all alone with the kids, it will take me nothing to just breeze in and breeze out.

Hayden: ‘Alright,you can go and collect the test result if you so wish’ he said nonchalantly and continued with his food.


During  night time while they lay on their matrimonial bed, Hayden was restless, he couldn’t sleep. He kept turning and turning till his wife noticed it and asked.

Danica: Sweetheart, is everything alright?

Hayden: Yes, why do you ask?

Danica: You have been restless, Like you are so uncomfortable.

Hayden: ‘Yes I am, I was just thinking about a friend of mine who just found out his wife has been cheating on him’ he lied.

Danica: What? How did he find out?

Hayden: He caught them red handed in his matrimonial bed. I wonder what I will do if I am in his shoes.

Danica: God forbid bad thing, the way people are busy cheating on their partners today is unbelievable. How can she cheat on his bed in her matrimonial bed?

Hayden: I wonder and before you know what is happening , he will start fathering another Man’s child. Jesus, I can’t even think of it.

Danica: wonder will never end. Who is that friend of yours sef?

Hayden: A friend I met those days when I use to travel. He called me while I was in the office today to explain his predicament to me. You don’t know him.

Danica: hmmm. He should take heart, such a pity.

Hayden: I wonder what I will do if that happens to me. Tell me, have you ever lied to me?

Danica: What do you mean have I ever lied to you? Lied to you about what if I may ask?

Hayden: About anything.

Danica: yes I have lied to you.

Question: Hmm… can somebody please explain what Danica meant by what she just said?

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  1. I don’t think it will be about d kid’s. As for hubby he should have pretended d more. Dat his wife can be very manipulative

  2. what makes this story so interested to me now is the way Hayden is presenting his questions to Danica indirectly to force words from her mouth yet she is still pretending thinking that Hayden never knows what is hidden

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