(Episode 12) Broken Trust … A True Life Story!

(Episode 12) Broken Trust ... A True Life Story!

Mason: Take heart my friend, do not worry you will pull through this.

Hayden: I am not so sure about this, it will hunt me for the rest of my life that the child I thought is mine is actually for someone else.

Mason: Do not jump into conclusion yet before the result is out. By the way, why didn’t you ask him if the test result is ready?

Hayden: I do not want to do that now, I want to take my time and figure things out first and I told him I will be coming to take it in a week. I need time to figure myself out before time.

Mason: Alright but don’t do anything stupid, wait till the result is’ out he cautioned.

Hayden: Alright.


Danica noticed there has been a change in her husband but he  never changed his behavior towards his children . In fact, he has allowed the children stay with him always and showering them his love and affection that they no longer talk about going back to school. She was worried about the change of behavior but instead, decided to do nothing about it other than be the good and obedient wife.

As soon as the children went to their various rooms to have their siesta, she went to sit by her husband’s side who was in the sitting room.

Danica: Sweetheart, we haven’t really talked about enrolling the kids in school.

Hayden: Oh that, we will talk about it some other time, I am not ready for that now.

Danica: why? What happened? Why don’t you want to talk about it now? What is the problem?

Hayden:  Because I do not want to enroll them until I feel like it.

Danica: What is wrong dear?

Hayden: what do you mean what is wrong?

Danica: what is wrong with us talking about it and why do I feel like you are hiding something from me.

Hayden: I am hiding nothing.

Danica: Are you angry with me about something?

Hayden: Nope I am not.

Danica: Then what is wrong? Why do I feel like you watch my every move in this house? You don’t use to look at me the way you use to before.

Hayden:  You are just making a stupid accusation and if I have not looked at you the way i use to before maybe it’s because I have been very busy.

Danica: Alright if you say so but when last have you made love to me?

Hayden: ‘Seriously Danica, do you really want to talk about that now’ he asked looking at her in the eyes.

Danica: What is wrong with us talking about our love life? If I make a move to touch you, you act like I am irritating you. What is wrong or don’t you find me attractive anymore?

Hayden: It is not like that Danica,It is just that I sometimes feel like been on my own.

Danica: That to touch your wife is now a problem?

Hayden: I am sorry, I promise it won’t happen again. The case of that my friend is weighing me down.

Danica: which case?

Hayden: the one that I told you he caught his wife with another woman. I am just imagining how his life is right now.

Danica: it is not you na. why do you carry it like you are the one it happened to ?

Hayden: Nothing, I am wondering what I would have done if it was me it happened to.

Danica: What would you have done if you were to be in his shoes?

Hayden: Hmmm. Let us not talk about it because  I don’t know I will do until it happens. ‘Besides, it cannot happen to me because I am married to the best woman in the whole world’ he said looking at her expression ‘She is ever faithful to the core and can never cheat on me,I trust her with my whole heart.

Danica: Are you saying this because you know that you have been guilty?

Hayden: ‘Guilty ke? I am sorry na’ he touched her on her cheek ‘Forgive me for my short comings.

Danica: You are forgiven.

Hayden: Tell me any of my other short comings aside from this one.

Danica: None I can remember.

Hayden: Even from the time we got married newly?

Danica: ‘let me think’ She thought for a few minutes and said ‘you do not have any short comings except that you are hot headed sometimes and very stubborn’.

Hayden: is that all? Have I ever done anything to upset you as a husband? Have I ever failed in my duty as a husband?

Danica: No you haven’t, you have done and are still doing excellently well and God bless the day we said I do in the alter.

Hayden: Thanks Darling he grinned.

Question: What’s on Hayden’s mind? Why did he just grin? it’s getting hawter here.. are you feeling the heat? 

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  1. Adelove plz stop doing dis naaaaaaa, I really wanna do d result naaaaaaaa. just hope Hayden will not regret his wife or d wife might just be protecting him

  2. Women, I know am a woman but we are very sneaky. D cat is about to b out of d bag, is just a matter of time. I will advice she tells her husband d truth before he finds out oooo. I know it is not easy but she has to do it since she is becoming suspicious of her husband. Prevention dey say is better than cure ooooo.

  3. Only lekan the first son belongs to her husband…. The rest are not his…. God help the poor man to over come this trauma…. Even mason’s case is far more better than Hayden’s case…. A broken relationship is far more better than a broken marriage not to talk of this one eh where the man loves the wife and children and has always been there for them… And has always been faithful to the wife… I swear, he will die a million time…

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