Stop this nonsense now – Archbishop Akubueze warns Buhari

The Catholic Archbishop of Benin Metropolitan Sea, Edo State, Archbishop Obinna Akubueze, has called on the Federal Government to act like a government and stop treating the issue of Fulani herdsmen with levity.

The spiritual father described as alarming and unacceptable, the spate of kidnapping, killings as a result of the activities of Fulani herdsmen.

He noted that lives of every Nigerian could be endangered if such criminalities were not checked.

Akubueze stated this at a thanksgiving Mass in honour of the three Reverend Sisters and three aspiring Reverend Sisters, who were kidnapped at the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus Convent in Iguorakhi, Ovia South South West Local Government Area of Edo state, on November 3, 2017.

According to Bishop Akubueze, “Six of our sisters were kidnapped by unknown gunmen and we have been praying. We are thanking God for answering our prayers. Our prayers were answered and they were freed. We thanked the police and DSS. They really worked. The youths should be given jobs.

“With faith in God, we saw it through. But the government should act as a government. They should treat criminality as criminality and all these nonsense killings, kidnappings will stop. A herdsman cannot destroy your crops and kill you. Killing is a crime.”


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  1. All southern states in Nigeria MUST vehemently resist and reject FULANI COLONIALISM, the evil plan being hatched by the Buhari Administration. In 1804 Fulanis from Senegambia led by Uthman Dan Fodio invaded the Hausa States in Northern Nigeria and colonized them. The consequences of that invasion 214 years ago, are still haunting our country ever since. All southern peoples of Nigeria MUST say “No!” to Fulani colonialism today.

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