(Final Episode 15) Broken Trust … A True Life Story!

(Final Episode 15) Broken Trust ... A True Life Story!

Danica: quickly moved away from him and fell on the floor crying ‘what have I done to deserve such an ill treatment from you’ she said crying

Hayden: Who is the father of our children?

Danica: ‘you are their father’ she screamed ‘You are their father’.

Hayden: you want to continue with this lies of yours don’t you? He threw the envelope at her.

Danica: opened the envelope with her heart throbbing and read it. She was shocked at the same time weak for she has been caught.

Hayden: who is the father of our children?

Danica: kept mute.

Hayden: ‘you won’t talk abi’ he raised his hands to hit her again when she screamed.

Danica: Please I will talk, I will talk oooo. Don’t hit me again please, I will talk.

Hayden: Good, oya Talk he ordered.

Danica: while we were planning our wedding, I had an affair with Dennis.

Hayden: who is Dennis?

Danica: The man I was dating before you came to ask for my hand in marriage. He was my first love and since I was going to say goodbye to him, I had sex with him for the last time and the product is Brielle.

Hayden: and you said the child you were carrying was mine, Is that the reason you made me sleep with you before our wedding?

Danica: Yes!

Hayden: shocked, tired and restless he asked ‘what about Parker and Sephia’?

Danica: Errrmmm, Ermmmm

Hayden: I won’t ask again ‘What about Parker and Sephia’?

Danica: They belong to Okon.

Hayden: Who is Okon again?

Danica: Okon our, our……

Hayden: ‘will you speak up’ he ordered.

Danica: Okon our former gateman

Mason & Hayden: What? Mason starred at his friend with pity in his eyes ‘Danica, you are not only wicked but a shameless woman. How could you stoop so low to sleep with your own gateman? Tukiakwa! abomination!

Hayden: weak, tired, confused, angry looked at her with hatred in his eyes and asked ‘Do any of this people know that they are the biological father to our children’?

Danica: No! I didn’t let any of them know. Hayden Please she clasped her hands together, Please forgive me I beg you, It was the de….. She received another slap, followed by punches. Mason tried his best to stop him from beating his wife but he could not. For Hayden was mad with fury. He  continued beating and punching her till his friend got hold of him and pushed him aside while she laid on the floor wailing and asking for forgiveness

Mason: Do you want to kill her, Haba! That is so bad of you. How can you hit a woman like that?

Hayden: ‘I haven’t finished with her ‘Her type is supposed to be six feet under the ground’ he said panting.

Mason: Hayden, Enough Jare. I won’t allow you hit her again. Don’t you know that it is a crime?

Hayden: it is also a crime for this she devil to walk the face of the earth.

Mason: Enough Please.

Hayden: okay, but before I open my eyes, carry yourself out of my house this minute he said to his wife

Danica: still crying and begging ‘Please, where do I go to? Beat me and punish me but do not send me back to my parents’ house Please’ she said with blood gushing out of her mouth

Hayden: oh so you want me to still beat you abi? Mason, I want this woman out of my house. I picked you from the gutters and brushed you up, I made you who you are yet you betrayed the trust and love I had for you. Our marriage is over from this moment. Mason he screamed, ‘I do not want this woman here’.

Mason: quickly told Danica to leave but she refused and he carried her while she struggled with him and took her outside, locking the gate behind.

Danica stayed crying and knocking on the gate but with the order of Hayden the landlord who instructed the tenant not to allow her into the compound and they obeyed till she saw that nobody is ready to come to her aid, she went to the next compound and begged for some cash which she was given, there she boarded a car to her village.

Danica explained all that transpired between Hayden and herself. Her parents were disappointed in her and was wondering how they could go to Hayden with such a big shame, instead they told her to go back to her husband’s house and apologized to them for they couldn’t face him with such kind of shame. She begged that she be allowed to stay a couple of weeks to heal before going back to ask for forgiveness and by then, his mind would have soften and they agreed.

Three weeks later, Danica went to her house and knocked at the gate asking to see her husband of which she was told he no longer lives there with his kids. She tried all she could, went to Mason’s house to get information of the whereabouts of her husband and kids and was told that he has relocated to the U.S with the kids. Devastated, stranded she looked up to the sky and wished for Death.


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  1. In every way, Danica was wrong. Despite all the love and affection she gets from her husband, be went so low by sleeping with her gate man. If it was only the first child, it could have been understandable, but in all, she got what she deserved. Good one and kudos to Adelove

  2. Hnmmmmmmm lovely, but Dat punishment is not enough for her na, he shouldn’t have brought Mason to d house so Dat d she devil will receive d beaten of her life since Dats Wat she wants

  3. Honestly i can’t imagine why denica will stoll so low to commit such abomination. This is wat fornication caused her. May God help us all. lnteresting and educating story full of suspense

  4. I enjoyed d story very much, thanx ALC, you guys r d best. I just knew dat d children do not have d same father. Danica u r wicked and you got what you deserved. How can she stoop so low as to sleep with her gateman, dat is really absurd. It was a beautiful ending and a lot to learn from it.

  5. This is indeed a big lesson to all, no matter how long your spouse stays away on an official trip for the good of the family always remain faithful, if the loneliness becomes too much discuss it with your partner look for solution together rather than committing the abominable. Thanks Adelove and Crew it worths the time and suspense.

  6. First sex and pregnancy wasn’t a mistake anymore, if she could still stoop so low to sleep with their gateman,If her body was scratching her, she would have bought dildo, I mean artificial JT, than this! Enjoyment then that had ruined and wrecked her life.. Good lesson though to us women..

  7. Hmmmm, right from her discuss with loiue was when i knew she has something bad inside her.
    That is very bad of her, I just pray God help us all.
    Kudos adelove

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