It is better to be an armed robber than to smoke weed – Okorocha tells youths

Rochas Okorocha, Governor of Imo State, has said it’s better for youths to be armed robbers than to be involved in smoking marijuana.

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The governor made the remark while addressing some youths of the state.

In a video retrieved online, the governor, who spoke in Igbo could also be heard briefing the people on development plans he had for the community when he made the statement.

Okorocha, apparently emphasising on the danger of marijuana said, “You all know what the law says about Marijuana(weed)? Weed has killed my Children in Imo state. Anybody selling weed or consuming it, that person’s house will be demolished.

“Where we are now, it is better for someone to be an Armed Robber than to Smoke weed(Goof)”.



  1. Gov Rochas is in a position to have a bigger picture of the devastating effect of drug abuse on Imo State youths and may therefor be right on his judgement based on the more information he has!

  2. This Rocha Okorocha’s comment calls for a critical analysis of some sort. By the way, what is wrong with the so called Nigerian ‘leaders’? How could Okorocha have made such a childish comment in the first place? It is better be an armed robber than to be a weed smoker? Really? Does he think before talking at all? Does he know that some people smoke hemp and yet would still not constitute danger to lives and property? Of course, I’m not condoning weed smoking. Does he know what it means to be an ARMED robber? Does he know how many lives have been wasted through some senseless killings by men of the underworld? Does he ever reflect on the kind of havocs, which armed robbers have wrecked on innocent, hard-working Nigerians? The fundamental question is: what message is Okorocha sending to the youths, particularly those who are jobless at this time? Oh no! This is a shame!

  3. Okorochas message is preposterous and he should be called to order for encouraging armed rubbery. Our leaders no longer vert their speeches before delivery. May God help Imolites!

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