Redeemer’s University VC seizes salary for failure to attend prayer meeting

On the heels of the expulsion of Debo Adedayo vs the VC, RUN has its fondly called is in the news again for the wrong reasons. This time, between the ill-famed VC and some members of staff of the University.

We gathered that the VC, Professor Adeyewa had declared January 3rd, 2018 as a the ‘Covenant Prayer Day’, a religious event with staff mandated to attend. Some who couldn’t it make it for the prayer meeting were genuinely affected by the lingering fuel scarcity in the country.

Our sources tell us “the VC has a history of being authoritarian and draconian in his approach. He has been serially accused of using his position as a pastor to sway events in his favour and ruthlessly fight anyone he perceives as an opposition. Staff, alumni and students have at different times in the past expressed their frustrations about his style of leadership, with little or nothing coming out of it.”

In a sad tale of events, a staff member unfortunately also lost his 3-month old son due to his inability to pay for his medical bills. We understand that he was relying on the January salary to make this payment which the VC had delayed because he was absent at the Covenant Prayer Day meeting.

Other members of staff affected have been agitating for their monies to be paid, by their plea appears to have fallen on deaf ears.



  1. That’s too harsh, he could v hear the reasons for it. Now a 3-month old baby lost his life due to his act, d resentment that d VC cause hi dear will alwz b known.

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