(Episode 6) If i tell you say i love you … Interesting Story!

(Episode 6) If i tell you say i love you ... Interesting Story!

Ophelia: I am going to make him mine, just you wait and see. You need to see the phone he is using.

Jemila: What kind of phone

Ophelia: The trending “iphone X”. That dude is a rich guy and I am going to do whatever it takes to make him mine.

Jemila: Hmmm, be very careful ooo. all these men of nowadays are not what you should hope and trust ooo.

Ophelia: I am actually surprised you are saying that to me.

Jemila: why?

Ophelia: Because what you said is supposed to be said to him. He should be careful of me because I will do anything to make him mine.

Jemila: Okay.

Three days later, while Ophelia was at work, she got a call from an unknown caller and answered.

Ophelia: Hello, good day.

Caller: Good day beautiful, how are you doing today?

Ophelia: Fine and thank you but who am I on to please?

Caller: It is the guy you met on Sunday.

Ophelia: ‘Sorry, I met a lot of guys on Sunday, who in particular are you please’ she lied.

Caller: I am the guy you gave your number to after service.

Ophelia: okay, I remember. Good afternoon.

Caller: Afternoon and how are you?

Ophelia: I am fine. Ermmm please What is your name again?

Caller: My name is Benicio but you can call me Ben for short and you are Ophelia I guess.

Ophelia: Yes I am and how did you know?

Benicio: Trucaller, I saw your name on truecaller app.

Ophelia: Wow, okay. But I am at work at the moment, can we talk later?

Benicio: Sure, how about we meet up after work?

Ophelia: I am sorry but that won’t be possible.

Benicio: Why is that?

Ophelia: I do not spend late hours outside.

Benicio: Really?

Ophelia: Yes, maybe some other time.

Benicio: Will Saturday be okay or do you work on Saturdays?

Ophelia: Saturday would have been fine but I will be very busy, sorry.

Benicio: You work on Saturdays?

Ophelia: No, not really but I have trainings that I attend and it takes my whole day.

Benicio: What about Sunday after Service?

Ophelia: Sunday it is then.

Benicio: Alright but can I keep calling you?

Ophelia: ‘Sure’ she said and bid him goodbye.


After Service on Sunday, Benicio called her line, wanting to know why he didn’t see her in church.

Benicio: ‘Hello’ he said when she picked up.

Ophelia: Hello Ben, how are you?

Benicio: I am fine. Are you in church, I am outside the church compound waiting for you.

Ophelia: No I am not in church at the moment.

Benicio: Why, didn’t you come to church today?

Ophelia: I did but I came for first service.

Benicio: Wow, so how do I get to see you?

Ophelia: Will Wednesday be okay with you?

Benicio: Why Wednesday, I thought we agreed on meeting today?

Ophelia: Yes but there is a change of plan and I am so sorry that I didn’t inform you, I actually forgot.

Benicio: No problem. See you on Wednesday then.

Ophelia: ‘Alright then’ she said and hung up.

Jemila: After the call she asked ‘Who was that’?

Ophelia: Ben, my husband to be.

Jemila: Why don’t you want to meet up with him yet?

Ophelia: because it isn’t yet time, I do not want him to think that I am cheap or desperate woman.

Jemila: Will you see him this Wednesday as promised.

Ophelia: Yes I will.


On Wednesday evening after close of work, Benicio called Ophelia asking where will be suitable for them to meet and she suggested a restaurant close to her office. One getting there, Benicio called Ophelia that he was there.

Ophelia: Hello Ben, Hope I did not keep you waiting?

Benicio: ‘No you did not, please have a seat’ he instructed and she obliged. What would you like to have?

Ophelia: Nothing much just a bottle of water will do.

Benicio: ‘Alright’ he said, called a waiter and instructed him on what to serve them. After he was done, he looked at her and smiled saying ‘do you know you are beautiful?

Ophelia: ‘I hear that a lot’ she said smiling, why were you so eager to meet up with me Ben?

Benicio: Because I see you as a nice person and will really want to want to know you better.

Ophelia: ‘Is that all? Just for us to be friends’ she asked as she opened the bottle water laid in front of her.

Benicio: I want more than that if only you will let me.

Question: What does Benicio meant by that last statement? Do you think their relationship will last longer as expected?

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  1. Adelove, this story sounds strange to me, how can two people who have dated before for months couldn’t recognize each other again and names didn’t ring a bell to each of them. Hmmmmm, just thinking of the story line though

  2. Adelove, this story sounds strange to me, how can two people who have dated before for months couldn’t recognize each other again and names didn’t ring a bell to each of them. Hmmmmm, just thinking of the story line though

  3. I love this two character .na so one babe for abuja dey play me since October last year. na ophelia real life personality . anyway I’m enjoying the story a lot. infact I’m drooling .Benicio has met his waterloo

  4. 2 fake people…alot of marriages are built on this kind of foundation….divource and regret are usually the end result….God help us.

  5. I am sure they will get married because Ophelia is not likely to allow him eat the forbidden fruit until marriage. That will prompt him into marrying her.

  6. The same marriage tactic he do tell ladies…. Seems deir relationship is gonna last cos ophelia is not been real here and our dear benico is carried away with her beauty and pretentious life.

  7. The statement simply means his normal marriage talk na because I’m sure he will like to marry her but I hope the feeling lasts.as for the relationship lasting,it will because Ophelia will do anything to keep her #husband to be,xo she will pretend all the way

  8. What Benicio meant by that last statement is that he wants an intimate relationship with Ophelia. The way am seen it I think there relationship will last long.

  9. Hmm! Ophelia sure knows how to play the game… Ben go jam… He wants perfect marriage abi? He go see how hand go touch am

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