(Episode 8) If i tell you say i love you … Interesting Story!

(Episode 8) If i tell you say i love you ... Interesting Story!

One faithful morning , Ophelia decided to pay a surprise visit to Benicio.

Benicio: ‘Yes, who is it he shouted ‘I am coming’ for his door bell has been ringing nonstop. When he opened the door to his apartment, he met Ophelia smiling at him.

Ophelia: Hello Ben, good morning.

Benicio: ‘Good morning’ he said as he ushered her into his house Please come in.

Ophelia: i surprised you didn’t I?

Benicio: Yes you did, I wasn’t expecting you to come to my house today or anytime soon. By the way, no work or the usual Saturday seminar?

Ophelia: ‘Nope’ she said as she made herself comfortable in his house ‘I wanted to pay you a surprise visit today and so I cancelled all my activities for today’.

Benicio: Wow and thanks for paying me a visit but there is a little problem here.

Ophelia: What is it?

Benicio: I am going to work and I will be coming in later in the day. I don’t know if you will help me do some house chores and prepare something for I and a friend that I am expecting later in the evening.

Ophelia: Hahahaha, seems I came here to do some house chores and cooking for you but no wahala sha. Anything for you today,Just today ooo.

Benicio: Happy that she agreed to do the house chores without putting up a fight, he pecked her on her check ‘Thanks a lot, I appreciate. Let me go get dressed for to work if you don’t mind.

Ophelia: ‘No wahala’ she said as she went straight to the kitchen to inspect how it was and what was available.

As soon as Benicio left for work; leaving her alone at home, she quickly dialed Jemila’s number.

Ophelia: ‘Hello Jemila’ she said as soon as she picked her call.

Jemila: Yes Ophelia, hope no problem this one wey you dey call me? How Ben?

Ophelia: He is fine, he just left for work.

Jemila: Okay, hope no problem?

Ophelia: Small wahala dey.

Jemila: Wetin be that?

Ophelia: You fit help me cook white soup for four people with semo?

Jemila: Yes I fit but where the money dey and why four people? Who you want make I prepare the food for sef?

Ophelia: Na Ben oooo. Him dey invite him friend over and you know that cooking is not my thing that is why I want you to cook it for me.

Jemila: No Wahala but where I go get money?

Ophelia: Check by my bedside drawer, you go see fifteen thousand naira, use am and please use chicken take prepare the white soup for me. Remember say na for four people ooo and no throw way all the things wey you use. Just put am for leather, package am well. I go come collect am by twelve in the afternoon.

Jemila: Wetin you wan carry the dirty take do?

Ophelia: you too ask too much questions, just do wetin I ask abeg and put the food for cooler when you finish.

Jemila: No problem ooo but twelve too soon. Make it 1pm instead.

Ophelia: but why na.

Jemila: because I need enough time. Remember say I go go market.

Ophelia: Okay! Okay! Just do quick. If na money go make you do everything fast fast no hesitate to tell me abeg. I want make the food ready before that time abeg.

Jemila: ‘I go try’ she said and ended the call.

After the call ended, she went to clean the house from the bedrooms to the sitting room, down to the toilet and kitchen.

Ophelia: ‘All because I wan marry na him I dey do this stupid work so that I will be the one abi’ ? Hmmm, she clapped her hands ‘what women go through in this world. If I don’t do it now, he may end up saying that I am not a wife material. Look at how dirty his apartment is. Can’t he employ someone to at least be cleaning it for him? She said and continued cleaning the house. After she was done, she went to his room and brought out all the dirty clothes, she also removed the curtains and washed them. When they were dried, she ironed them and quickly went to collect the food she asked Jemila to prepare for it was almost 2pm.


After close of work, Benicio quickly went to his friends place to spend some time with him.

Stanley: How work my man?

Benicio: Work dey ooo. you know as the branch manager wey I be, na every day I dey work.

Stanley: Wetin dey happen this evening, any clubbing tonight?

Benicio: I no sure oooo. Stanley, I wan invite you come my place today.

Stanley: Why, wetin dey happen?

Benicio: My babe come house and I tell am say one of my friend dey come visit make she prepare something delicious.

Stanley: Benicio, you sabi change women like wrapper. Just now now you don get another babe? How and where you dey take meet them and within the space of how many months you don get another one, you no dey tire?

Benicio: it is not like that ooo. this one is for real. She is an epitome of beauty, she is godly, beautiful, of good morals and she is still a virgin as I speak with you.

Stanley: Hahahaahahaha….hahahahahaha

Benicio: Why are you laughing na? What did I say that is funny?

Stanley:  this is not fairy tale my friend, there is no such kind of woman here in this world, especially in naija.

Benicio: To you oooo but to me I have seen her.

Stanley: You dey deceive yourself oooo.

Benicio: I am serious Stanley. She dey house abeg, dress up make we dey go because she dey expect you.

Stanley: ‘Alright no Problem’ he stood up to go get dressed.

Question: Gbesereeee oooo!  Did i hear Benicio referring Ophelia as a Virgin or Fargin?  Where’s EFCC? We need them right quick for this matter biko before Brother Benicio committed highest blunders in his life. Is Ophelia deceiving Benicio or herself? Do you think Benicio deserves this deceit from Ophelia? 

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  1. Nah fargin me sef hear……. Ophelia is deceiving benico as well as herself. Of course, if derez another word i can use instead of ben deserving wat ophelia was doing to him, would have been better.

  2. That is good for him. He deserve more self cos he get the best before but he way looking for the prefect who doesn’t exist in this world.

  3. He deserved far better than that&more is in stock for him..I hope his friend didn’t know his fake virgin wife. I dey laugh in Spanish… Kudos Adelove.

  4. Iro npa ro fun iro(liar telling a liar lies)
    Benicio deserve what Ophelia is doing to him and much more.
    Benicio will see hell.,..

  5. EFCC on the way oo.Lol…Ben deserve more than this…he has broken enof hearts so noting bad if his own heart is also been broken.

  6. Whoever thinks he or she is smart, God will just fold His hand and be looking at dem. Ophelia and Benico really suit eachoda so that they will learn in the hardest way. Mrs Virgin and Mr found Godly wife indeed.

  7. Ben deserves it and both him and Ophelia are just deceiving themselves..i don’t know why I have a feeling that Stanly will know Ophelia.

  8. At least she has done her best by cleaning the house and washing his clothes. Ben is another type of person. He fits Ophelia. He should be grateful. Cooking is not a problem. after marriage when he realize it, let him groom her. With this Ben will humble himself.

  9. Virgin indeed, both are deceiving each other, even if Stanley knows ophelia he might not tell so as for to get punished for his past misdeeds

  10. Ben thought he was d master but he don meet d real oga. Guys what goes around comes around. Ophelia I pity u and u quickly forgot dat divorce is very possible

  11. Lekwenu problem Benicio wants to put Ophelia in trouble just as she is packaging her way to your heart, anyway I know she will call Jemila for help. Ekwensu aga uka, who be virgin? Kamnukwa.. Benicio deserve it na no be him wan marry?

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