Man caught his fiancee in bed with his best man 3 weeks to their wedding…

He had just three weeks to tie the knot with his fiance, but before he could say “I do” to her, He stumbled upon a dirty secret between his wife-to-be and his best man.

It was gathered that the man’s girlfriend of 5 years was sleeping with his best man.

Here’s @Jenniieey’s tweets;

“What will u do if u find out ur fiance/fiancee is cheating on u with d bridesmaid/bestman 3 weeks to ur wedding?. My friend is devastated right now & totally confused,He gav me permission to post his story. He caught his fiancee wiv his best man(best friend)”

“They’ve been dating for over 5yrs & got engaged last year and the wedding is suppose to happen in 3weeks.. He love this babe so much, he’s done stuff for her, he treated her like a Queen and respect her.. most times wen she comes around to his place”

“His friends r around after work.. He introduced her to one of them who is his best friend years ago and not best man but I guess they went behind his back and took the introduction to another level.. although he said he was suspecting the closeness”

“But he thought he was just paranoid and didn’t think a thing like that could happen between them..cos he trust both of them.. but for years they’ve been doing stuff behind his back..They all hang out, eat together and gist but nothing prepared him for this”

“He traveled few days ago and was suppose to come back Thursday..but 4days ago, another friend called him to inform him that something is not right with his bride to be and his best man that he is only telling him cos he feels it’s d right thing to do”

“My friend thought dis guy who told him stuff was just one of those bad Belle people who don’t want u to settle down..he kept thinkin about it but didn’t tell anyone.So yesterday he decided to leave Abuja for Lagos but didn’t tell anyone he had changed his plan”

“He cancelled his travel from Thursday (4days from now) and brought it to yesterday..he arrived Lagos and went home straight but in mind he was praying that everything he heard was not true..he got home (his fiancee stays with him) and used his key”

“He went straight to the bedroom and when he opened the door, he said he almost fainted.. everything was true.. she was in bed wiv his best man and he said he didn’t know wat to do but that if he had reacted,he wud have attacked his friend because he betrayed him”

“So he said he just turned back and closed the door and left the house for them .. he went to his mom’s house but don’t know what and how to tell her what he saw .. How do u tell u mom u saw ur bride to be in bed with your best man 3weeks to ur wedding”

“Everything is done and ready .. invitation cards sent out, hall booked.. and the funniest thing she’s been calling and texting that it’s a mistake and she’s sorry but he should not cancel the wedding cause people will shame her and insult her”

“She even got her mom to call him to talk to him but she didn’t tell her mom d reason y he’s angry wiv her, she just tod her mom that they had a fight and he’s not talking to her.. my friend said he doesn’t know how and if to tell his fiancee’s mom wat he saw”

“He’s confused and doesn’t know what to do, if to cancel d wedding or tell his mom or his fiancee’s mom what really happened but according to him he can’t trust her again or his best man and can’t have d wedding with her and he has tod her already”

“But how will he tell his family and her family about his decision to cancel the wedding..visitors coming for d wedding, how will he inform them.. he needs to know the right way to handle this situation..he is reading my thread so pls tell him”

Nigerian man catches his fianc?e in bed with his best man 3 weeks to their wedding

Nigerian man catches his fianc?e in bed with his best man 3 weeks to their wedding

Nigerian man catches his fianc?e in bed with his best man 3 weeks to their wedding

Nigerian man catches his fianc?e in bed with his best man 3 weeks to their wedding



  1. Women what did she gain now if losing her husband what special treatment did this guy gave u that made u take this risk na wa o

  2. Betrayer from both his fiancee and best friend… The man should be grateful to God cos they were exposed before the wedding…. As for me ooo… Wedding cancelled

  3. don’t make a huge mistake my friend…she will do more in years to come.. call it off please…and if you are confused I can even find a wife for you inu

  4. Its not time to abuse the lady and say all manner of things. This man needs a solution: this is my take, 1. Call and SMS everyone you invited, tell them the wedding has been postponed for certain reasons, and will communicate the new date to them. Whilst you are on that, call the event planner or church, pastor involve to hold on, that something came up. 2. Call your family and her family together and break the news. 3. Whatever that you paid for the wedding if not perishable, collect them and keep it for your next wedding, bcos you will surely find love again and get married. 4. Never go into that marriage bcos you will be in bitterness all the rest of your life. And that is not God’s plan for marriage. God bless

    You are lucky it happened before you reached the point of no return. May be after 2 or 3 children as it happened to some people. It is far better that you don’t get married than to marry your enemies. nothing to hide, please inform all the stakeholders, let them learn, name and shame and let every one carry his or her cross.
    Yours is to start again and be grateful to God for meeting you at the point of your cross.

  6. when God is doing good u will think He is doing bad mr. groom abeg just call it off cos if u don’t and get married to her she will still do it with another person abeg u

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