(Episode 10) If i tell you say i love you … Interesting Story!

(Episode 10) If i tell you say i love you ... Interesting Story!

Benicio: What? There is someone coming already?

Ophelia: Of course there is someone, but I love you and you are the only person I want to spend the rest of my life with except maybe you do not feel the same.

Benicio: Hmmm, I love you so very much. You are the woman I would love to spend the rest of my life with

Ophelia: ‘Really’ she said. So if that is the case when then are you coming to see my people?

Benicio: What about in two months?

Ophelia: ‘Are you serious’ she shouted, you are coming to see my people in the next two months? Wow! Thanks.

Benicio: ‘No worries, I won’t leave you for another man to enjoy you’ he said as he came close and kissed her on her lips for the very first time. She responded back and the kissing prolonged.

Ophelia: Stopped the kiss half way for he was beginning to caress her boobs ‘Hey Ben, it is better we stop until our wedding night, this is not right.

Benicio: But we will still get married anyway, isn’t it the same thing?

Ophelia: Ah! Ben, I can’t believe you are saying such a thing to me. Don’t you know that having sex before marriage is not good?

Benicio: You are too religious Ophelia, loosen up a bit. What is the difference if we do it now and do it later? isn’t it going to still be the same thing?

Ophelia: No it won’t. If we do it now, it simply means we committed fornication and if we do it later, it means we are having sex as a married couple which is right in the sight of God and Man. Besides, two months is not a long time to wait is it?

Benicio: No, it is not. I will wait, if that what is what you want but can’t you just allow to see Abuja first? Just a sightseeing and I will be okay.

Ophelia: I won’t even allow you see Lokoja talk more of Abuja because when you do, you will start saying you will like to reach Maitama which like I said before, is impossible until we say I do, then you can reach anywhere you want to.

Benicio: Alright, if that is what you really want.

Ophelia: ‘Thanks Baby’ she hugged him. ‘Let me get you something to eat’ she said as she walked away.

Few days later, Benicio met with Stanley to discuss his intention of going to see Ophelia’s people for he has made up his mind to marry her.

Benicio: Ermmm, I have finally decided to take Ophelia as a wife and I want you to accompany me to meet her people few months from now.

Stanley: Are you really sure about her?

Benicio: Yes I am, she is my final bus stop.

Stanley: Do you love her?

Benicio: Yes I do, very very much.

Stanley: What do you love about her?

Benicio: I love the fact that she is beautiful, intelligent, domesticated, of high morals, godly, loves the things of God and she is equally a virgin.

Stanley: Are you sure about all this?

Benicio: Yes I am and why?

Stanley: I have my reservations but it is you and it is what you want. You are an adult and free to make your decision. Whenever you are ready, let me know for I will always be available anytime, anyday.

Benicio: ‘Thanks’ he said and they shook hands.


When Jemila came back, Ophelia was very happy and welcomed her.

Jemila: How you dey na, hope say no wahala since I commot for house oooo.

Ophelia: No, no problem.

Jemila: How Ben na?

Ophelia: He is fine and he will be coming to see my people few weeks from now.


Ophelia invited Benicio the following weekend at her place. This time again, Jemila wasn’t around but left to visit a friend. While Benicio was relaxing at the Living room watching CNN on the cable Tv, Ophelia came out seductively more this time. She was wearing her tight, black pencil skirt which was cut just above her knees. Her legs were covered with a pair of sheen-finish black nylons with her high black heels. Benicio’s eyes explored upwards and saw that Ophelia was wearing a red, tightly fitted thin v-neck jumper. It hugged her curves and Ben could clearly see the shape of her pert breasts. Her tanned chest and collar bone clearly on show just below her pretty neck. Ophelia’s  Brazilian hair was in a tight bun balled up on the top of her head. It showed off her beautiful face: her full lips, toned, soft skin and her big brown eyes.

Benicio: look at that! He couldn’t hold his peace

Ophelia: Look at that what?

Benicio: you look like a fallen Angel from above Baby. I love you so much

He stood up, moved backwards and she looked back at him over her shoulder.

Benicio: “Now turn around and let me see that behind” he begged.

Ophelia seductively turned around and looked directly into Ben’s eyes. She placed her hands at the base of her jumper,

Ophelia: “No, sir,” she muttered.

Benicio stared at her sexy body. She had a tanned, toned stomach from hours of hard work in the gym. Her bra was black and it supported her breasts by pushing them up in the cups. He could see the top half of her breasts forced upwards by the bra and they started to create a channel of cleavage.

Benicio: You know what? I’m not going to waste any damn time. i’m taking you away pretty soon

Ophelia: Well, we are not doing anything not until you come and ask my hand in marriage with my people

Benicio stared at this beautiful figure in front of him. Ophelia smiled and looked down at his trousers. His erection was clearly visible through the material.

Question: why is Ophelia seducing Benicio? How will Benicio reacts finding the truth after marriage?

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  1. Ophelia is a pretty girl by description pls. Go learn how to cook within two weeks u are a good cook if determined.as for seduction it’s allowed.

  2. She’z sedicing him xo dat he will quickly pay her bride price.
    How he takes it wen he finds out concerns him cos he gets wat he deserved.

  3. Ophelia wants Ben to rush her to d altar before she display her true color, but dat’s what’s good for him anyway.

  4. It’s a punishment for Ben numerous heart breaks ladies suffered in his hand……
    Ophelia is playing her game well which i know she will regret later…..

  5. Hahaha Cha! Adelove iga egbum here with this story oh!…reading it, feeling it as in …so true life story!

    Ben you missed a real wife which is Judith!
    Soonest you go grab the copy you ordered from Ophelia!

    Thumbs up! Adelove n crew!

  6. Ophelia keep seducing Ben and won’t allow ben touch her to hasten ben’s plan to see her parent and marry her cos ben has already been tempted by ophelia’s body and he can’t wait to have her. I donno watz gonna be ben’s reaction after wedding and he finds out ophelia is not a virgin as believed by him, but i know itz not gonna be a funny thing.

  7. geen geee I no pity ben what goes around comes around he is trapped already that’s what happens when you break ladies heart

  8. Ophelia is seducing Benicio because she wants him to pay her bride price as soon as possible. Benicio will not do more than a hanging pant because he got what he deserves.

  9. Congratulations Ben u just got urself a good wife, they fit each other perfectly ophelia keep seducing him till he has no choice but to succumb finally

  10. Old things have pass, dis new ophelia is a virgin virtues godly wife…. If no ne say Ben village people dey at work,shouldn’t he have ser d traces in d seduction ? Abi real sisters dey sabi seduce or get provocative clothes ? Dem dey take ben matter dance ONE CONER.

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