(Episode 11) If i tell you say i love you … Interesting Story!

(Episode 11) If i tell you say i love you ... Interesting Story!

Jemila: How was your weekend with Ben?

Ophelia: Ben has fallen oo

Jemila: Really how come?

Ophelia: What do you mean how come?

Jemila: How did you do it?

Ophelia: By giving him what he wants.

Jemila: Sex?

Ophelia: Which sex? Abegi leave sex abeg. I became the good and obedient girlfriend he wants. I cleaned his house, prepare his meals for him, go to church almost every week….i did all the doable for him to know that I am the right one.

Jemila: And he fell for it.

Ophelia: Why won’t he fall, am I not a beautiful girl again?

Jemila: Yes you are. What about the sex part?

Ophelia: Thanks for reminding me, I wanted to ask you to get me vagina tighter soap.

Jemila: Where you want make I get am from.

Ophelia: Not to worry then, I will get it myself.

Jemila: No wahala but how will you cope? Will you continue this pretentious act of yours forever?

Ophelia: Which kind question be that na? Who or what kind of a person will pretend their whole life? Me, I can’t oooo. Why should I continue with it after getting what I want?

Jemila: Won’t that tell on your marriage?

Ophelia: When we get there, we will both adjust to life as a man and wife because he is not also perfect.

Jemila: Wishing you the best of luck and be a good wife oooo. Since you have finally gotten what you want.

Ophelia: Thanks Jemila. Ermmm, you can keep staying in the house till you are ready to leave.

Jemila: When is the rent expiring?

Ophelia: In two years.

Jemila: I will take over after that then.

Ophelia: No probs.


Few weeks later, Ophelia and Benicio did their introduction and after that, they went to visit Benicio’s mother in the village and spent a couple of days there. Ophelia became the good daughter-inlaw to be by doing all the house chores and always following the mother to the kitchen anytime it’s time for dinner or lunch of which she hated doing with so much passion but had no choice and couldn’t wait for them to leave the village

One morning, Mama called Benicio into her room to talk to her concerning his marriage to Ophelia.

Mama: ‘Please have a seat, I want to talk to you’ she said as she brought out a stool to him for him to seat.

Benicio: What is it Mama, this one you say you want to talk to me this morning, hope no problem.

Mama: No problem my son except that I wanted to talk to you about Ophelia.

Benicio: What about her?

Mama: Are you really sure about her?

Benicio: Yes Mama, I am sure. You have seen her for yourself haven’t you?

Mama: Ermmm, I think that girl is too big and wise for you, you should have accepted the girl I brought to you last year.

Benicio: Ah!Ah! Mama, what is it and why will you be bringing Agatha into this topic?

Mama: Because I feel somehow about this Ophelia. My spirit do not accept her at all.

Benicio: Mama, you do not have a choice because I have chosen her to be my wife and there is nothing you or anybody can do about it. Besides, we have done introduction already so why this?

Mama: Please, do not be angry, I am just saying my mind and by the way, what was wrong with Agatha because as far as I am concerned she was homely and of a good behavior.

Benicio: Mama how can you ask me about Agatha the village girl? Agatha is not presentable to me and my friends. I do not like her one bit. She is not catchy.

Mama: ‘Oh! So that was the reason you rejected her abi? Okay ooo. No wahala but Please know this’ she drew her left ear ‘On no account should you come to me complaining in one way or the other about your wife and on no account should you come to me saying you will not marry her again because this your marriage is for better for worse. Whatever you see in your home is what you will carry as a man, have I made myself clear?

Benicio: Mama, do not worry about anything, she has all in qualities I need in a woman. You should not worry for on no account will I come to you that I am having issues concerning my marriage Mama. Don’t worry about anything.

Mama: I have said my own own ooo. My God will bear me witness. Marry your perfectionist and live in Peace.

Benicio: Amen Mama! Amen.

Two Months later, they officially did traditional and court wedding. They went to Ghana for their honey moon and on their wedding night Ophelia was fidgeting, acting like she didn’t want sex, pretending that it is going to be painful.

Benicio: The night he has been waiting for has finally arrived as he carried his wife straight to the room and started undressing her. He pulled his clothes, laid her on the bed and took one nipples into his mouth to savor the taste of the woman he just married. After he was done with nipples, he kissed her passionately on her lips while caressing her boobs. Soon, he became hard and spread her legs wide apart ‘this is going to be our first night together and I am going to make it memorable for you he said as he continued kissing her’.

Ophelia: Please take it easy, do not hurt me please.

Benicio: ‘Don’t worry Honey, I know that this is your first time, I will be very careful’ he said as he opened her legs to penetrate.

Ophelia: Please, let’s not do it this night; we can do it tomorrow or next.

Question: Hmmm…. i’m laughing in spanish! LOL… Ophelia, how will you cover your lies up this time? ALFs, Are you ready to see the next episode tonight? #JustCurious

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  1. sincerely I can’t wait, am really curious, Adelove laughing in Spanish which country should I oooooo……Niger laugh lolzzzzzzz

  2. The person wey dy inside masquerade about to be revealed, uncle ben this is what you bring upon yourself.
    Next please!

  3. It serves Ben right. Cos he must have disvirgined other ladies, used and dumped them in the name of finding Miss Perfect. They must have been heartbroken. Who says you can eat your cake and have it?

  4. She has already done d vaginal tightner, she is just pretending, she only wanted to get married n continue her wayward life, next pls adelove

  5. OK na… Ophelia wants to shift the almighty wedding night deal.. So she is scared…. Nothing is hidden under the sun. We shall see..

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