(Episode 9) If i tell you say i love you … Interesting Story!

(Episode 9) If i tell you say i love you ... Interesting Story!

When she got back, she quickly removed the food from the cooler it was served in and put them inside a pot. The dirt and items used in preparing the food, she kept them in the bin and made it appear like she was the one who prepared the meal by making the kitchen look rough and dirty while she waited their arrival for Benicio has called that he was on his way home with his friend.

Benicio: ‘Hello Ophelia’ he called out as he entered the house with his friend.

Ophelia: Heard him call out but pretended like she didn’t and went about cleaning the kitchen she messed up.

Benicio: searched for her in the room and was about going to the other vacant rooms while his friend waited in the sitting room when he decided to check the kitchen for his house was looking so clean and he was amazed. ‘Ophelia’ he called out again.

Ophelia: ‘Yes Ben, I am in the kitchen’ she answered. As soon as she saw him, she rinsed her hands on the sink, wiped it on the apron she was wearing and gave him a hug. ‘Welcome back’.

Benicio: Thanks, I can see you have been busy all day, I am so sorry for putting you in so much stress.

Ophelia: What am I a woman for? Your place was so messed up and I had to clean it up but it was no big deal.

Benicio: ‘Thanks a lot darling’ he gave her a peck on her cheek. ‘By the way; my friend, the one I told you is coming around today is here. Please come and say hello’ he dragged her along with him to the sitting room. Stanley, Meet Ophelia the woman I was telling you about and Ophelia, meet Stanley my best friend.

Ophelia: ‘Hi Stanley, nice meeting you’ she brought forth her hands for a handshake.

Stanley: ‘Hello Ophelia’ he said as he shook hands with her, I have heard so many things about you and you are truly as beautiful as he said’ pointing to Benicio.

Ophelia: Hope what you heard about me are good.

Stanley: They are very good.

Ophelia: ‘Alright, Please make yourself comfortable while I serve lunch. I believe that you and Ben must be very hungry’ she said as she hurriedly walked to the kitchen to serve them.

Stanley: As Ophelia was busy in the kitchen serving lunch, he whispered to Benicio silently ‘Mehn, this babe set and very beautiful too. Did you see the way she smiled at me? See her dimples mehn. I like her, I really like her.

Benicio: I told you she is to die for didn’t I? She is the woman of my dreams.

Stanley: ‘Her looks should not deceive you ooo’ he cautioned him as Ophelia walked into the sitting room with their lunch and served them.

Ophelia: I hope you will enjoy this specially prepared white soup with semovita. I am so sorry I didn’t pound yam because it would have been the best thing to go with the white soup but it is all because when I checked, I didn’t see any mortar in the kitchen that was why.

Benicio: ‘No Problem’ he said as he washed his hands and served himself. He moulded the semo and dipped his hands in the soup. He savored the taste of the soup ‘Hmmm, Wowww, this is so delicious. ‘Stanley’ he said ‘I have never tasted anything like this in my entire life. Ophelia, how did you prepare this soup, Wowowww…Hmmm, he said as he took a  chicken into his mouth.

Stanley: ‘Wowwww, Ophelia, you are good I give you that. This is delicious’ he said as he continued eating his food. ‘This is good’ he said again savoring the taste of his meal and enjoying every beat of it.

Ophelia: Thanks guys, I appreciate. My Mom taught me how to cook at a very young age and it has been one of the good things I know how to do very well.

Stanley: You are really very good, Ben, I envy you oooo, this is what you will be enjoying once you guys are married.

Ophelia: Stanley c’mon, we are just getting to know each other, we don’t want to rush things yet.

Stanley: Even at that, your husband will enjoy you.

Ophelia: Thanks Stanley.

After they were done having lunch, Ophelia cleared the plates and washed the dishes. She was in the kitchen keeping herself busy by putting an act of tidying the kitchen while Benicio and Stanley were having man to man conversation.

Benicio: Stanley, What do you think?

Stanley: She is okay to me ooo. She is a good cook.

Benicio: Is that all?

Stanley: she is also beautiful in her own way.

Benicio: and…

Stanley: and what?

Benicio: is that all you think about her?

Stanley: Yes na. What else do you want me to think? Remember I just met her today.

Benicio: okay, fine. To me she is good to go oooo.

Stanley: Be careful man.

Benicio: I hear. You too do and marry your own.

Stanley: I lost my wife during childbirth, I do not think I am ready to go into any relationship now.

Benicio: Stanley, it is almost close to two years now, it is time you move on.

Stanley: I hear. While they changed the topic to football, Ophelia came to join them at the sitting room, swiping through her phone.

Benicio: Ophelia, what are you reading this one you are so engrossed with your phone.

Ophelia: oh! Nothing serious, Just updating myself with the things of life. I read news every day to keep abreast with the happenings.

Stanley: What do you say about the killings happening in the northern part of Nigeria?

Ophelia: well, it is a tragedy considering the fact that our government  are doing nothing about it. I like the fact that Fayose called his people to order and told them to protect themselves against herdsmen attack, not by killing one another but by fostering peace among the people. That to be is a good way to go about it.

Stanley: You sound more PDP? Are you a member?

Ophelia: Not at all. I’m not actually a member or fan to any party. I just listen to your manifesto and decide to vote anyone that meet my requirements. All i want is ONE NIGERIA. Be it APC or PDP! Let’s live and Love! So far, i like Sai Baba too but he needs more ACTION

Stanley: You are right sha but this is Nigeria, the killing will still go on till drastic measures are taken.

Ophelia: I hope it be taken soon then.

Benicio: I told you Stanley, beauty with brain.

Ophelia: Enough of the praises Ben, my head don swell too much today ooo. Thanks sha, I appreciate.

Two weeks later, Jemila told Ophelia that she will be going to the village to visit her mother and will be staying there for two weeks. Ophelia obliged and told her to please help her prepare different delicacies for her before she lives and she did.


After Jemila left to the village, Ophelia invited Benicio to her place.

Ophelia: ‘Welcome to my humble home’ she said as she ushered him to her place.

Benicio: ‘Wow! Your place is so nice. You are really living large’ he said as he looked around her apartment which is a two bedroom flat. I thought you said you are living with a friend.

Ophelia: Yes I do, she left to the village to see her parents.

Benicio: Alright.

Ophelia: ‘Make yourself comfortable while I get you something to drink’ she said as she walked away. When she came back, she bent down and poured out wine for him, exposing her boobs for she was wearing a singlet and bum short.

Benicio: Lost in his world, he kept staring at her boobs as she poured the drink. As soon as she looked up, their eyes met. Sorry Ophelia,I didn’t mean to do that.

Ophelia: You mean you didn’t mean to stare at my boobs? I saw you lusting after them.

Benicio: ‘Sorry. Errrmm, it is just that you look take away. Your body is making me go gaga’ he said staring at his dick which is bulging from his trouser.

Ophelia: I can see that. Anyway, I am sorry for wearing this clothes, I didn’t know it was captivating since I am in my own house, I felt there was no need to wear any cloth that will cover me up.

Benicio: ‘It’s no Problem, I can manage’ he said as he continued to stare at her boobs and kept salivating

Ophelia: ‘Thanks’ she said as she sat close to him ‘I brought you here because I wanted to talk to you about something important.

Benicio: What is it?

Ophelia: ‘When are you going to take us serious because I have someone who is asking for my hand in marriage’

Question: Will Benicio find another excuse this time around to deny Ophelia like other ladies?

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  1. Ben gat no choice dan to marry ophelia dis one he’s already salivating and yet to enter her paradise. hahahahahaha i pity una two, wen a players is played by a beta player.

  2. Ben can’t give any excuse dis tym around. . He’s already lusting over ophelia and i think ge will give a postive answer since ophelia already lied dat soMe1 else is asking for her hand in marriage.

  3. He is in already. He is going nowhere, definitely marry whore that presented herself as wife.. Regrets on the way for them both.

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  6. ophelia can’t continue like this .she needs to ask her friend to start teaching her how to cook. hahaha this story is becoming exclusively hilarious

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