(Episode 12) If i tell you say i love you … Interesting Story!

(Episode 12) If i tell you say i love you … Interesting Story!

Benicio: ‘Listen Honey, I have waited for this all my life, I promise I will be very careful’ he said again as he lubricated his dick and her cookie with his saliva and penetrated.

Ophelia: Ah! She screamed

Benicio paused for few moments, looked at her in the face but sweating profusely

Benicio: Why screaming?

Ophelia: You are hurting me Honey. Take it easy. I’m getting hurt seriously

Benicio: Getting hurt where?

Ophelia: Can’t you see how tight i am and besides your this thing is too big for me

Benicio: What is too tight? You mean this thing that went so sloppy and slippery without any restriction on the way?

Benicio was lost in ecstasy, climbed her  and continued pounding on her till he came without minding if she was enjoying it or not. After the intercourse, he looked at his wife with anger.

Benicio: Why did you have to, lie to me?

Ophelia: Errrmmmm

Benicio: ‘Why did you lie to me’ he screamed.

Ophelia: Ermmm, the thing is that I never really lied to you.

Benicio: You are not a virgin like you claimed and don’t lie to my face telling me you were because I know a virgin when I penetrate one and in your own case, you are not.

Ophelia: Errrm, I am…..Ermmmm, I was.

Benicio: Did you bite your tongue now? I trusted you, I thought you were a virgin and you have never been with any man. Hmmmm. He clapped his hands ‘you are good Ophelia, you are good! You finally deceived me into marrying you and I fell right into your trap. Weldone.

Ophelia: I am sorry, I didn’t mean to lie to you and I never really said I was a virgin. You said it with your own mouth.

Benicio: ‘Oh really? I wonder what other things you lied to me about, or what I concluded with my own mouth that you never said. Get dressed, we are going to Nigeria for the honey moon is over’ he said and stormed out of the room they shared.

After that Night, Benicio couldn’t bring himself to touch his wife or make love to her for he was angry at her for lying to her and he couldn’t bring himself to forgive her for that one act of lie.

Ophelia tried all she could to get her husband to forgive her but he was bent on not wanting to hear anything she had to say. She was worried and not happy at the outcome of things that he even rejected anything she offers him. He never ate anything she prepares and never wanted to have any discussion with her on anything concerning her.


One Morning, he woke up from bed and got dressed for work. He was hungry that morning and decided to wake up his wife who was still sleeping in bed to go to the kitchen to prepare something for him to eat.

Benicio: ‘Ophelia’ he tapped her for she was still in bed sleeping. Please go and prepare me breakfast to eat, I am very hungry.

Ophelia: was happy that he asked her for his morning breakfast and quickly went to make tea and bread ready for him to eat. ‘Here, tea and bread for breakfast’ she said with all smiles.

Benicio: Thanks but I do not want to eat tea and bread this morning, I want to eat white rice with stew.

Ophelia: Ermmm, you can eat this and when you come back from work, it will be ready for it is already late.

Benicio: it’s just 6:15am and I am going to be leaving for work by 7:30 am, there is still time for you to prepare me the meal.

Ophelia: There is no time because I want to be going to work too and I won’t be able to prepare anything now for there is nothing in the fridge.

Benicio: Looked at her and sigh ‘Okay then, I want you to prepare me banga soup and Eba when I come back. There is twenty thousand naira in the room, the black suit on my wardrobe, check the breast pocket and you will see the money there.

Ophelia: Alright. When you get home, it shall be ready.

Benicio: was left with no choice that to make do with tea and bread.


When he left for work, Ophelia quickly called Jemila her friend.

Jemila: Hello Iyawo mi, how are you she asked her friend for she was happy she called.

Ophelia: I am fine Jemila, how are you doing?

Jemila: I dey okay Jare. How is married life na.

Ophelia:  it is just there oooo. Ermmm, where are you right now?

Jemila:  I no dey town oooo. I commot go visit my boyfriend ooooo.

Ophelia: Since When? She asked for she knew without Jemila’s help, she is in trouble.

Jemila: Since 2days now. Why, wetin happen?

Ophelia: Jemila I don die. How I go take do am now?

Jemila: Wetin happen?

Ophelia: My husband wan eat Banga soup with Eba and I no sabi  prepare am.

Jemila: Shey I warn you? Abi I no warn you?

Ophelia: Leave that matter abeg, you no fit help me?

Jemila: How I go take help you when I no dey town? Even if I decide to leave where I dey now, there is no way I will make it to town on time.

Ophelia: Hey God, I don die. Wetin I go do now?

Jemila: Ermmm, you fit write the list down and go market go buy the food items then I go put you through the process of how to prepare it.

Ophelia: Ehen! You sure say e go come out well?

Jemila: E go come out well if you follow my instructions.

Ophleia: Okay. Hold on make I go get pen and paper.

Question: Does Benicio still love his wife despite her deceit? 

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  1. Ben I’m so sorry for you. You deserve every bit of shit that is happening to you now. Karma can be a real bitch you know

  2. Ophelia has no fault sef. He sought for the perfect wife, he has her right there with him. He should quit anger and complains joor. As you make your bed, so you lie on it…. Enjoy your wife, Ben.

  3. Am luving dis o, gud for Ben, he’s yet to see anything, more casala go soon burst by d tym she will use sugar to cook rice for him

  4. Ben is trying to pour the past behind him to move on with his marriage because he cannot got to anyone to lay any complain he has been warn before embarking on it but for this bangs soup and eba he go change amm for Ophelia

  5. All these no go solve problems for ophy, she should have learned these stuff from jemila long ago.
    Brewing of another kasala for mr and mrs ben!!!

  6. Am nt sure there’s still anything like love ❤ in his dictionary…. he will realize wat he’s done to himself wen he finds dat she doesn’t even knw how to cook

  7. Hehehehehehe….. Uncle ben doesn’t have any choice here…. He’s in for it already. Dat was y his mum was warning hin to look before leaping.

  8. Love kwanu he does not love her anymore n when he realize she does nt know Hw to cook, he will just faint I tell, dis is just d genesis he stl av a long way down to revelation

  9. Search for a good heart, but don’t search for a beautiful face, coz beautiful things are not always good, but good things are always beautiful. Mr Ben go hear winnn. Ophelia baby , it’s game up for u oo

  10. Ben has not seen any tin. Na e dey find perfect wife now e don see one, he has to bear whatever e see cos there is no going back for him. As for Ophelia I pity her.

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