(Episode 13) If i tell you say i love you … Interesting Story!

(Episode 13) If i tell you say i love you … Interesting Story!

After she wrote down the foot items to buy, she quickly rushed to the market and bought the food items. She did everything as she was instructed to do by Jemila on phone but when she tasted the food she prepared, she quickly spit it out and said the taste was awful.

Ophelia: Jemila, I don die, the taste is awful.

Jemila: How come, are you sure you did it the way i instructed you to?

Ophelia: I did na. I can’t give my husband this kind food to eat when me sef can’t eat it.

Jemila: What do you do now since it didn’t come out well?

Ophelia: I don’t know ooo and time is not my friend here. What should I do now?

Jemila: Am sorry, because I cannot think of anything at the moment.

Ophelia: Don’t you have any friend that can help me?

Jemila: No I don’t, none that I can think of.

Ophelia: Okay, let me think of something. Thanks, I appreciate she said and hung up the call. She was lost in thought and didn’t know to do, and then suddenly, she got an idea. She quickly left the house and took a cab to friendly restaurant. She ordered for a pot of Banga soup with Eba but the owner of the shop refused to sell to her for it was for her customers except if she was ready to pay a ten thousand naira for it and she agreed.


In the evening when Benicio returned from work, he went straight to the dining to have his meal which was already set before him.

Benicio: dished his food himself while Ophelia sat opposite him smiling. While he tasted the food, he shook his head and smiled.

Ophelia: What is wrong, is the food not okay?

Benicio: No, it is.when did you prepare it?

Ophelia: Not long ago.

Benicio: Did you prepare this food or did you buy it?

Ophelia: Why are you asking me such kind of question?

Benicio: ‘Ophelia’ he called out to her as he wiped his mouth with the serviette placed beside him and continued ‘I have been a bachelor for a very long time that I know the difference between – home- made food and that of a restaurant. This food is from a restaurant am I right?

Ophelia: ashamed of herself with head bow said ‘yes’.

Benicio: You don’t know how to cook the meal or what?

Ophelia: Looked at the man she has come to love and decided to come out plain and tell the truth for she didn’t want to continue with the lies because she knew how he hated it so much. ‘I do not know how to cook and I do not like doing house chores. That is who I am.

Benicio:  Yeh! Yeh!! Yeh!!! Mogbe Mogbe!! Mo ti gba penalty wo throwing… Na one chance i enter ooo Jesu!!!   What did you just say?

Ophelia: errrmmm …. errrmmm.. she stammered

Benicio: Hello? Are you there woman?

Ophelia: I don’t want to lie to you Ben. I want to be a good wife to you. So it won’t be like i’m laying the foundation of our true love with lies. I love you Ben.

Benicio: You are nothing but a disgrace to womanhood. How can you not know how to do anything and you still have the guts and effrontery to tell me that is who you are?

Ophelia: Ben! you told me you loved me. But I thought…

Benicio: Will you shut up woman. If i tell you say i love you nko? Eeeehhh? Answer me now.. If i tell you say i love you, e no mean say if you say make i put my hands for fire.. make fire come burn me, i go come put my hands for fire? Answer now.  You this she-devil. Yeeeppaaa!!! You lied about who you are from the beginning and now it is telling on you. I would never have married you if I knew you were like this. I  would have looked the other way. How can you not know how to cook, simple cooking that even 5years old children know how to do yet you, a married woman know nothing about it.

Ophelia: I am willing and ready to change please Ben.

Benicio: You are what? Willing and ready to change? Why didnt you learn when you knew you will be getting married? Or what were you thinking, that I would employ a cook simply because I am rich when I have a wife at home? Jesus Christ! How did those men you dated cope with you sef?

Ophelia: Ben, Please I am sorry. Let’s not go there. I will try and improve. Please.

Benicio: ‘You should have done that when you had the time to pretend to be who you are not. You should have used that time to learn on how to make and keep a home’ he said and went to his room leaving Ophelia in tears for she was hurt at his statement.


Stanley paid a visit to Benicio because ever since he got married, Benicio has never called him out for a drink or visited him like he used to and he was becoming worried why his friend always promises to come by but doesn’t show up.

Benicio: Ah Ah! Stanley, this one wey you come my office today, you for call me, tell me say you dey come nah.

Stanley: Why I go call you, abi we no be friends again?

Benicio: Maka why, we still be friends. Anyway, this one wey you reach my side today, hope no problem?

Stanley: I should be asking you that question Ben, hope no problem.

Benicio: No problem why?

Stanley: looked at his friend closely and observed some wrinkles around his forehead. He also noticed that his friend is not looking as chubby as he used to ‘How is your wife?’

Benicio: Ophelia, she is fine jare. She should be at work by now.

Stanley: How is married life treating you?

Benicio: it is just there jare.

Stanley: Talk to me, how is married life?

Benicio: To be sincere with you, you know all these stories of men and women divorcing their wives in the space of three months? If not that you have been married before, I would have said never get married because women are pretentious and disastrous.

Stanley: Which means, there is trouble in paradise? What is the problem Man, it is too early for you to start saying such nonsense.

Question: Don’t you think it’s too early for Ben to start complaining about marriage life?  How do you think this story will end?

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  1. Well its not 2 early cus we saw dat coming ,since Ophelia is ready 2 work it out ,he shud do same,I hope he has learnt his lessons .

  2. Well, Benico got what he deserved. He saw raw gold and decided to go for pyrite. There’s always a room for repentance anyways. They can work things out.

    Lesson learnt so far: if you’re too desperate, you’ll make mistakes you’ll pay dearly for.

  3. Ohh my God… Dat mo ti gba penalty wo throwing and ifa tell u say i love u part got me laughing……. Anyways, i’ll advice Ben to take it easy if ophelua is willing to change….. D deed has already been done.


  5. Good for both he was looking for the perfect woman n he got it, just one film aye olomo kan, she cudnt do anythg, BT bcos of d love d husband had for her dey were able to scale thru, if Ben truly love ophelia he shd teach her with love n dey will both scale thru, if nt he shd just divorce her, n he can’t sef cos his mom warned him before he got married

  6. Yes oh Adelove it is too early for Benicio to start complaining about marriage. Adelove the story will end well because Ben has no option her.His mother warned him on time concerning the marriage. (For better for worse) so there is no room for divorce.

  7. Yes oh Adelove it is too early for Ben to start complaining of their marriage. And as for me the story will end well cos Ben has no option her it’s for better for worse. So there is no room for divorce.

  8. Ben needs not complain at all because he was warned severally by his mom and friend but didn’t listen. The marriage has technically collapsed.

  9. if I tell you say I love you, your problems, your wahala nor b my own oo baby. hehehe Benicio should b singing this in his heart by now lol. I wasn’t expecting Ophelia to confess.she broke my heart

  10. I don’t care,you must continue oo,and don’t lemme hear that women are pretentious and liars,you had the best but you didn’t value them. Bear ur cross

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