(Episode 14) If i tell you say i love you … Interesting Story!

(Episode 14) If i tell you say i love you … Interesting Story!

Benicio: It is not nonsesnse oooo. It is very true.

Stanley: But you said that Ophelia is the perfect woman for you, how come all these things you are saying.

Benicio: I may have been wrong about her; she is not the person I thought she was. After marriage, all her bad characters started showing.

Stanley: What bad character?

Benicio: she can’t do anything except prepare me a cup of tea and indomie. She is not domesticated one bit.

Stanley: Then who cook the meal she served us the time I came to your house before you got married?

Benicio: she didn’t, it was someone else. Ben wanted to tell Stanley that his wife was not a virgin like he believed her to be but went against it for he didn’t want another person to know ‘the only thing she knows how to do is go to work, paint her nails and watch movies till thy kingdom come and that is if she doesn’t visit her friends’.

Stanley: and she is intelligent, brilliant and presentable. You went out with her the other day when one of your oga’s was having his birthday celebration didn’t you?

Benicio: Yes I did and how did you know?

Stanley: Because it was in our local newspaper. She was beautiful when I saw her in the dailies.

Benicio: Yes, everyone was looking at her but na wetin I go eat be that? She doesn’t make me happy.

Stanley: I warned you but you didn’t listen did you? You wanted a perfectionist and now you have her.

Benicio: I know, I know. My head dey scatter. I don’t even like going to my own house again.

Stanley: and why is that? Have you people been quarreling a lot lately?

Benicio: No, not that.

Stanley: Then what is it?

Benicio: I think I made a mistake marrying her

Stanley: What do you mean?

Benicio: I am not a happy man.

Stanley: Stop the grammar and break it down to my understanding please.

Benicio: she doesn’t met the criteria of woman I wanted.

Stanley: you don enter, you don enter? Remember you told Helen off because you said she isn’t what you wanted in the other room. You broke up with Judith because according to you, she is not a graduate, Agatha because she is not presentable. You wanted a perfectionist and I told you, you cannot have that didn’t I? I told you that you cannot have what you want 100%.

Benicio: I did but not like this na. This one is way beyond me.

Stanley: Sorry my friend, it is your cup and you have to carry it.

Benicio: she is way more than I can handle.

Stanley: Then sit her down and talk some sense into her, she is your wife isn’t she?

Benicio: That is the best thing to do right now, if not, I may run mad because of her.

Stanley: Sorry my friend.

Benicio: Marriage no easy ooooo, e no easy.


When he got back from work that day, he didn’t meet his wife for she has not returned from work. He quickly went in to freshen up and ate the food he bought on his way from wro to his house at a fastfood joint. After that; he went to his room, laid on the bed and slept off. He was awoken by the horn of his wife’s car and quickly rose from his bed to go and meet her.

Benicio: And where are you coming from by this time of the night? Do you know what the time is?

Ophelia: Checked her time for it was 10:34pm ‘I am sorry darling, I didn’t know I will stay out long like this. You know how work is.

Benicio: Do you know that you are a married woman and thus should not be keeping late night?

Ophelia: ‘Ben! Ben please, I am not in the mood’ she said and went to freshen up.

After she had her bath, she went to her husband to perform her wifey duties.

Benicio: Ophelia Please, I am too tired and need to go to bed. Infact eh, I am having serious headache as I speak with you now.

Ophelia: ‘A good sex is what you need then’ she said as she bent down to kiss him on his lips.

Benicio: ‘Ophelia please’ he said as he pushed her aside ‘I cannot do this today, at least not tonight.

Ophelia: What is wrong with you, I said that I am very sorry for all my shortcomings

Benicio: You want to know what is wrong with me abi?

Ophelia: Yes na. You are my husband and I deserve to know whatever the problem is.

Benicio: Okay, Alright. Before we got married, you were Godly, you took the things of God like it was the air you breath, like it was life. How come you hardly go to church these days?

Ophelia: Is that what is bothering you?

Benicio: it is a question please and answer.

Ophelia: okay. I stopped attending weekday meeting and service because I felt like. Besides, I am married to you now, there is no need flaunting myself as an usher. I don’t need anyone to admire me aside my husband.

Benicio: But there are women that still usher or if you do not like it anymore you can switch to another.

Ophelia: I do not want another one and I am done with ushering.

Benicio: Were you really a virgin?

Question: Can somebody please assist Benicio with this question? What advice do you have for a man like Benicio? What advice do you have for a lady like Ophelia?

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  1. Both shld talk things over and amend in whatever way possible. Being angry can’t solve any problem as it is, d deed has bn done. He was too carried away be her beauty… all dat glitters is not gold

  2. Dey shd just find a way to settle it n live with each other ophelia loves Ben n is ready to change except Ben does nt love her, just forgive her n continue living in love

  3. She is not ooo uncle Ben…Ophelia should just open up to her husband and plead for forgiveness then change her ways while Ben should accept her if he doesn’t want a break home because it was all his fault looking for what is not lost

  4. He should forgive her and move on since she truly luvs him, bt really I don’t av any pity for Ben, na wetin e dey find e see nau

  5. my people we say, ile ti afi ito mo, eri ni yo wo. the house that is build with lying and deceit. only God will help them out. let both of them rededicate their life to Christ

    “were u trully a virgin den”Abeg which kind Post_Utme ??? b dat??

  7. Hahahaha there is no need flaunting myself as an usher! Can’t stop laughing not hard for her to find what to say!

    I do not want another one for I am done with ushering over Sabinus like you Benecio! Lolzzz

    Ben should heed to what his friend told him to do…sit her down n talk sense in her!

    As for Ophelia to work on herself as she said ready to learn n change!

    Adelove n crew thanks for making me laugh aloud in this story n a lessons I learnt too!

  8. virgins have nothing to offer except tight puss. he should forget the Virgin issue, tame her to b a wife.i feel for Ben shall

  9. Ophelia was never a Vigil and ladies pls, let us b transparent to the person dat we want to marry. As for benico, ur 100% perfectionist that u are looking for is what u got. U just need to bear d cross and teach her some of d tins dat she need to knw. God help ur marriage. Ophelia, make sure u learn how to kuk, best of luck

  10. Ben should jst accept things the way it is and then teach her to be a better woman it hurt to be lied too but then again he should jst let things go and forgive her,for ladies out there u don’t need to pretend to be who u are not how long do u plan on doing dat??

  11. What a question? Was he a virgin when they got married that he could not differentiate between a virgin and the other? I tire o.

  12. whatever Ben is passing through now, is a result of the crime he had committed and that served him right,
    this will teach others people’s a good lesson who believe that they can cheap and go free.

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