Mercy Aigbe accused of excessive bleaching as she shares her throwback photo…

Nollywood actress and Mother of two, Mercy Aigbe has been accused of excessive bleaching as she uploaded a picture she took 12 years ago.

Bleaching: Controversy Trails Throwback Picture Of Nigerian Actress, Mercy Aigbe

Social media users were shocked about the sharp contrast in her colour which could be likened to the transformation of late pop music legend, Michael Jackson.

Meanwhile, the actress who is presently separated from her husband, Lanre Gentry over alleged physical abuse has refused to react to allegations of skin bleaching.

Mercy Aigbe, 40, is also a movie producer and businesswoman. She is best known for her Yoruba language movies.



  1. Inferiority complex is a big problem
    Yellow fever mentality is disgraceful to mother Africa
    Black is beautiful
    The black skin is the best
    Am black and proud

  2. Leave her alone let her savour the pleasures of the moment.By the time skin cancer and other diseases beckons on her due to excessive exposure of her skin, that is when she will know that God did a perfect work by creating her a black woman. She will suffer here on earth and also suffer in heaven for telling God that he should have created her with a fair complexion. Let’s wait and see, it’s only a matter of time.

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