Nigerian Lawyer list benefits of dating a Married man

A young Nigerian Lady has taken to micro-blogging website, Twitter, to list some advantages of dating married men (Rich Married Men)

In a series of tweets which she posted on her account, she wrote;

If i start counting the advantages of dating a married man, somebody will come and insult my life. But if you know, yunno

The husband

Preferential treatment

Love and care from a married man

No stress

Constant money in the account

No” baby don’t go anywhere without informing me”

Baby girl vacations for me and my girls all on his credit card.

Emergency needs always met quickly.

It’s bliss tbh especially if the married man is rich. Peace of mind. you’ll see the ones that’d buy house in your name sef

Oh, i forgot to add. They’ll always treat you like an egg that’s about to break. Once they sight a sad face whatever it is that is causing the sadness will disappear. Anything you want that can be bought with money will always be at your feet esp if he’s rich. No suffer-head life

What do y’all have to say about this guys ?



  1. Hmmmmmm and he must be rich. You forget to add that he’ll be over possessive and jealous. And if you’re lucky that he’s a ritualist, then you automatically take first position as his next sacrifice

  2. Hehehehe…. @Lewis….. I see u guy… U made a lot of sense….. First position as his next sacrifice…. Can’t laugh biko.

  3. It reflects on our general level of moral decadence when someone (with her head on her neck) can think and come up with such nonsense on SM. What a shame!!!

  4. While he is getting you gifts, he is taken a way your pride and suckling you dry. Any way good luck to you but don’t encourage those girls that are responsible.

  5. What has happened to virtue, good morals? Some time ago, to say one even has a boyfriend would be with caution and thoughts of dignity. Now no shame, no scruples, no thought of karma. Na was o.

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