(Episode 2) Worse than Wasted Money … Irresistible Story!

(Episode 2) Worse than Wasted Money … Irresistible Story!

Ijeoma is a graduate and a beautiful girl form Imo state, she was happy when she caught the attention of the well talked about ikedi and fell in love with him when he came to ask her out on a date during the birthday of one of the commissioner in Enugu state and after that incident, they have been seeing each other that people began speculating if she could be the one to tame the almighty Ikedi.

Ijeoma: Ifedi, when are you going to take us serious? She asked when she came to see him in his house.

Ikedi: Meaning?

Ijeoma: When are you going to come see my people? We have been going out for like six months and you have never said anything like us getting married.

Ikedi: and if I have never said anything like us getting married, why then are you asking when am I going to take us serious?

Ijeoma: Because you always profess your undying love for me, how you love me to the moon and back.

Ikedi: I do?

Ijeoma: Yes you do.

Ikedi: ‘Okay. Hmmmm’ he smiled.

Ijeoma: Why are you smiling, is what I said funny?

Ikedi: No it is not. Please get me my cheque book Please.

Ijeoma: Where is it?

Ikedi: It is by my bedside drawer.

Ijeoma: ‘Okay’ she quickly went to his master bedroom to get the check book and gave it to him.

Ikedi: collected it and signed a check of two million naira, tore it and handed it to her.

Ijeoma: Collected it and was happy ‘Wow! Two million naira, what for?

Ikedi: That is for the good six months we have spent together.

Ijeoma: What?

Ikedi: I am paying you off.

Ijeoma: You can’t be serious, you are paying who off?

Ikedi: You Ijeoma.

Ijeoma: Paying me off for what?

Ikedi: Ah!Ah! Ijeoma, I thought you said we have been together for six months? The cheque I handed over to you was for your time spent with me in the past six months.

Ijeoma: You this stupid, ungrateful Casanova? After I put up with you with your lies and your cheating habit, you want to pay me off? Who do you think you are that you can treat women as a piece of shit?

Ikedi: Ijeoma, if you are done ranting, you know where the door is or do you want me to increase it to three, four million naira?

Ijeoma: Tore the check into shred and threw it to his face ‘I loved you to the extent that I was willing and ready to put up with you but now I know that you are nothing but a scumbag’ she said and walked away.


Few Months later, Nkiruka, Ikedi’s sister paid a visit to Ikedi accompanied by a young lady with whom she brought along for Ikedi.

Ikedi: Sister, Welcome to my home. What can I offer you?

Nkiruka: nothing Ikedi, I am not here to make merry. How is life treating you?

Ikedi: As you can see, life has been fair. Since you do not want anything, what brings you here and who is this young lady sitting beside you?

Nkiruka: ‘That is the reason I am here. You see this young lady here’ she said pointing at her, her name is Nneka and Nneka, this is the baby of the house, his name is Ikedi.

Nneka: Good day Sir.

Ikedi: Good day to you.

Nkiruka: continued ‘he is the person I have been talking to you about and as you can see, he is handsome and rich. You are in safe hands’.

Nneka: smiling said ‘Okay Ma’.

Ikedi: Ermmm, sorry to interrupt your discussion please, what is going on here and what do you mean she is in safe hands sister.

Nkiruka: Ikedi, Ah!Ah!, I brought you your wife. She is a graduate, beautiful and homely.

Ikedi: What is the meaning of this sister and who asked you to look for a wife for me?

Nkiruka: Will you shut up your mouth Ikedi before I shut it up for you? What exactly is your problem? Or because you are the last born of the house so you think you have your whole life ahead of you abi? Ikedi, what exactly do you want again from life that you do not have? Mama has spoken to you about taking a wife yet you refused. Even your brothers are tired of you. See eh! I am your sister and if they will not drag a wife down your throat, I will. Nneka is the wife I have chosen for you and whether you like it or not, you will marry her.

Ikedi: Why are all of you taking panadol for my own headache? Is it not me that is unmarried and am I complaining?

Nkiruka: ‘then I am’ she shouted ‘I will not see the people I love entering fire yet do nothing about it. Ikedi, Nneka here is your wife and I have brought her home to you.

Ikedi: Says who and when did that one start?

Nkiruka: Says me and it started today. You must marry her and wife her.

Ikedi: ‘Okay na. When you are done, you know your way out sister and you; Ermmm Nneka you follow behind when she is done because if I come downstairs and meet you after she is gone, I will unleash my dogs on you. You are a graduate and the Era of women begging men to marry them by force is no more. Sister, I will get married when it is time but not now’ he said and walked away while Nkiruka kept calling him back but he refused to answer. She stayed a few more minutes before leaving with Nneka.


Ikedi had a night out with his friends where he told them all that has been happening in his life and family and the pressures he keeps facing concerning marriage.

Ekene: But what is it with you with settling down?

Ikedi: Ekene you wan start your own abi?

Ekene: No but it is the truth oooo. Me sef, sometimes I dey wonder why you no wan marry.

Ikedi: ‘Chidera, you dey hear your friend’ he said to his friend who was busy with his cigarrete.

Chidera: He is right, all of us are married except you.

Question: Any advice for Ikedi?

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  1. Its unavoidable and doing it a the right time is d best. A fool at 40th is forever a fool. You should sit ur brain n do d needful thing at a time that will honou u.

  2. Better go n marry… d earlier d better, no be only woman dey old man sef dey old. wen u re suppose to be thinking of hw to pay school fees, u will be thinking of buying pampers… think abt it oo

  3. I missed dis story since weekend. Haha pls don’t delay next episode again Abeg. Ikadi I fear u are hiding d truth about ur Weath. Adelove stil awaiting my promo gift…

  4. It never pays to try to convince a guy or lady,who doesn’t want to get married…as a lady,if u r banking on him changing his mind down d road,all u r setting ursef up for is to get ur heart broken, whatever excuses he gives d girl is trying to spare her feelings,mayb he doesn’t want to get married right now….for whatever reason,he may cum with a million different excuses as to why he can’t get married, mayb he has a situation with an ex..or he can’t do it financially right now or some other excuse dat prevents him from tying the knots….we r all gat to b wise in choosing

  5. That girl is not serious, as for me I will tell him to add to the money, as for ikedi he is looking for that special someone, or he just wants to enjoy himself well before he gets married, or he did rituals

  6. Am not sure Ikedi is in his right senses. Something might be wrong with him and he doesn’t know. Not even a baby mama…. He was busy sampling everything in skirt and payibg dem off if dey request him taking dem serious…. I pray d money won’t finish wit wat he is doing.and @ d same time i hope he realize b4 itz too late.

  7. Is he really man enough? If not so,something is wrong some where. I will advice him to open up before he regret it at last, if at all he did not use his manhood for the money self.

  8. Well one tin is certain,he can’t get a wife in those places he is seen…he shud go rogue if he is looking 4 d one dat is not interested in his wealth

  9. To me, Ikedi’s reason for nothing getting married even at his forties is quit understandable cuz marriage is not like relationships you enter today and breaks up tomorrow, but i advise him to make a move in searching for a wife cuz from my notice, he doesn’t sound/behalf like one who is indeed of a soulmate, but all the same, i pray he doesn’t regret it in the future just as said by his mother…..Next pls

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