(Episode 3) Worse than Wasted Money … Irresistible Story!

(Episode 3) Worse than Wasted Money … Irresistible Story!

Ikedi: You too?

Chidera: Yes me too. Look man, we are your friends and at least, you should tell us the reason why settling down is a no no to you. What are we friends for?

Ekene: Even at that sef? What could be the reason why a man who is rich, handsome and forty years old will not want to settle down or at least have kids?

Chidera: It baffles me oh! I no go lie.

Ekene: What is it Ikedi, what are you not telling us?

Ikedi: You guys are not serious ooo. Must there be something I am hiding? You guys know me too well and yet you are asking me such.

Chidera: Don’t miss interpret us Ikedi, all we are saying is why are you refusing to settle down.

Ekene: Gbam! It’s that simple, Just explain it to us. Look at me now, I am married with three wonderful kids, Chidera is married with four kids.

Chidera: if the problem is that you don’t want to be eating only okro soup, you can as well get married and have as so many side chicks as you want since you have the money for them.

Ekene: Yes Ikedi. Even afer you are married, you can still be eating Banga soup, okro, Egusi, Okasi just name it.

Ikedi: Hahahahahaha…. You guys are crazy mehn. You guys dey kolo.

Chidera: Call us crazy, call us mad, No problem. We are simply telling you the truth.

Ekene: But wait oooo, what is really your reason abi na reasons?

Chidera: Yes, why are you running away from getting married?

Ikedi: No reason at all. Not just ready.

Chidera: is that all, not just ready.

Ikedi: Yes or what were you thinking I will say?

Ekene: You mean all the women you have been going out with, none of them suit you for a wife?

Ikedi: Maybe.

Chidera: Which one is maybe again? We are not understanding.

Ikedi: Most of them just want me for my money.

Chidera: That is women for you,you of all people should know that by now.

Ekene: you should pick any one of them and get married to.

Ikedi: I don’t want to pick any of them.

Chidera: How about Ijeoma, both of you clicked.

Ikedi: Yea, Ijeoma is nice but we are no more.

Ekene: What do you mean you are no more?

Ikedi: She wanted marriage and I told her off.

Chidera: you mean you paid her off?

Ikedi: Yes but she tore the cheque in my face.

Ekene: Wow! How much did you write down?

Ikedi: Two million naira. I was even ready to increase it but she won’t have any of it.

Chidera: Ikedi, if not because you are my bosom friend, I would have said that you are a very stupid man. A girl tore a huge sum of amount right in your face and you still let her leave.

Ikedi: What was I supposed to do?

Ekene: Simple, go down on your knees and propose.

Chidera: ‘Wife her’ he added.

Ikedi: Propose ke! Hahahahaha.

Ekene: What is funny with what we just said?

Chidera: You think we are joking abi?

Ikedi: Sorry guys, Sorry. I didn’t mean to laugh at your statement. It just sounds so funny.

Ekene: What is funny about it?

Ikedi: Going on one knee and proposing. That is not just me abeg.

Chidera: What is wrong with you?

Ikedi: Nothing my man, Nothing.

Ekene: Something is wrong. What is it?

Ikedi: You wonna know?

Chidera: of course.

Ikedi: Okay. The woman I would have loved to get married to was my first love.

Ekene: You mean Adaobi?

Ikedi: Yes.

Chidera: Who is Adaobi biko?

Ekene: Adaobi in university days na. have you forgotten? The first girl he asked out.

Chidera: Oh! You mean Adaobi that married in our final year? Guy, haven’t you gotten over her till now?

Ikedi: You asked me a question and I answered.

Ekene: I just can’t believe you haven’t gotten over her.

Chidera: When Adaobi is married with kids you are still here day dreaming? How will you fall inlove again if you still harbor her in your heart?

Ekene: C’mon Ikedi, the past is dead and long forgotten. Move on.

Ikedi: I am not ready to settle down now.

Ekene: Because you are still looking for Adaobi in every woman.

Ikedi: Hmmm, I wish she never left me. I wish she was a little bit patient with me. All this money and wealth I acquired was really because I wanted to prove to her that I could still be somebody because she wrote me off.

Chidera: Maybe she was never meant to be yours in the first place.

Ekene: Or maybe, you were never meant to be.

Ikedi: Hmmmm. Maybe or Maybe not. I am not ready to settle down now and that is final.

Question: Why is Wealthy Ikedi finding it difficult to find successful Love?

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  1. First love that left him when he had nothing.. First love may not die but true love can bury him…

    He should move on. And stop day dreaming. The earlier the better.

  2. besides he is a grown man why is he still behaving like a lost puppy. so experience never teach am anything. he is not mature in mind at all

  3. I now no his plight shaa! But let him disguise himself if he really want true love and some one that truelly loves him and not his money. He’s refusing to settle down cos of how his first love left him for an other man due to his financial incapability then. So he sees it now that any woman that comes around him is only for his money and not to love him.

  4. Chai,i tink itz becos of wat adaobi did 2 him,nd dat really demoralized him,nd alxo made him loose interest in getting married,but rather he started seeing dem as just toys which u can use nd dump.
    Well i have seen a guy like diz b4.
    I know he will later get married 2 IJEOMA.

  5. If nt getting married is bcos all d women e dated were after his money, den hes lieing. For IJeoma to av tore d cheque of 2m e gave her means she was nt after his money bt his luv, he should just look for something else to say and stop telling lie

  6. Now I know, he’s still heartbroken! He needs to move on with life else he won’t make any meaningful thing wt his life!

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