(PHOTOS) I worked for devil for 25 years – Born again Lady

A Nigerian lady identified as Sylvia Eguonor has taken to her social media page to share her testimony after revealing that she has converted from her bad ways after working for the devil for the past 25 years.

According to the young lady, she was like Jezebel in the past until Jesus saved her as she said she’s not ashamed to testify of her past…

Read her story below;

I am not ashamed to testify about my past. When I was in the world I never knew what I was doing is a sin. I was calling God a liar and doing to my self what will please my flesh, i was working for the devil for the past 25years before now. I use to do all manner of evil.

I committed sexual immorality

I steal and tell lies

I fought a lot

I put on tight, leggings and trousers

I wear makeup and I fix eyelash

I was fixing nails and painting them

I fix weavon and attachment

I put on close that exposes my body

I even smoke cigarettes

I peers 4 holes in my ears and I will put hearings in all the holes

I was bleaching my skin

I was like Jezebel until Jesus saved me,

I don’t know that Jesus loves me so much. He saved me and now I am saved. Grace found me and I got saved.

You that is reading this message if u know u are still battling with ur sin repent now and accept Jesus into ur life and have salvation. Salvation is free. Repent and put away the attires of Jezebel. Jezebel is the first woman in the Bible that wear makeups and dress worldly , so whosoever that put on the attires of Jezebel is the daughter of Jezebel..



  1. I won’t be surprised to learn that Sylvia is a product of one of our universities or polytechnics when you relate that to the difficulty with which one reads her write-up. Sylvia, you may be free from the devil, but you still have a lot of work to do on your personal development.

    • Personal Development 100% – Jesus Christ = 0% eternity at the end.

      Personal Development -100% + Jesus Christ = 100% eternity

      I rejoice with u Sylvia because repentance brings joy to heaven and not personal development. Pls keep it up.

      • God bless u sir!! I’d rather be personally under developed and make it to eternity with Christ! Personal motivation and development NEVER equate personal salvation!

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