(Episode 4) Worse than Wasted Money … Irresistible Story!

(Episode 4) Worse than Wasted Money … Irresistible Story!

Relations, family and friends advised Ikedi on the importance of settling down but he would hear none of it and so they let him be.



After Ikedi’s Mother’s burial, he went home only to find out that his siblings were in his house waiting for him for he had three siblings.

Ikedi: ‘Ah!Ah! Brother, sister, good afternoon. This one you people are in my house this evening. Hope no problem’ he said as he joined them in the sitting room

Ugochukwu: Ikedi, Ikedi!

Ikedi: Yes brother.

Ugochukwu: Mama is dead and do you know what she wanted desperately before she died?

Ikedi: No.

Chukuwudi: his immediate brother spoke up ‘he wanted a child from you’ he said sober and shook his head.

Nkiruka: Ikedi, you disappointed Mama. I know that even in her grave, she will never forgive you. You were the apple of her eye; you were her husband and friend. All she ever wanted was a child from you.

Ugochukwu: Hmmmm. Ikedi, do you know that my first daughter Chioma is talking about getting married? Here you are, her uncle who is still single, yet your niece is planning on bringing a man home. How old are you again?

Nkiruka: it seems you don’t know that you are now an old Man. You think a man who is fifty years old is a child abi?

Ikedi: ‘Hmmmm’ he shook his head ‘I am sorry if I have fallen short of your expectations. I do know that I am no longer getting any younger and I promise to do the right thing.

Nkiruka: What right thing do you think you can do if not to settle down immediately, are we asking too much?

Chukwudi: if you do not want to settle down at least have a child na.

Ikedi: I will want to settle down soon.

Nkiruka: ‘Eh! Isi gini’ she asked with surprise written all over her face ‘did you say you will settle down soon’.

Ikedi: Yes I did. As a matter of fact, I hope to settle down in three months.

Chukwudi: Hope you are not saying this because we are in your house and after we all go away; you come back to your old self?

Nkiruka: Are you serious Ikedi’m.

Ikedi: I am serious. Actually, I have been thinking about it lately.

Nkiruka: Praise the lord oh! Mama in her grave will be happy at this news. Oh! How I wish she was still alive to see this day? Ikedi, you should have done this or better still, told us sooner. I am sure Mama would have still stayed a bit longer to witness this.

Ugochukwu: it is okay Nkiru, we didn’t come here to talk about Mama rather, we came here to talk about Ikedi.

Ikedi: I will get married soonest.

Ugochukwu: We are waiting for you to bring your bride home to us.

Ikedi: Soonest then, soonest.


And so the search for his bride began at fifty. Though he has so many women he has affairs with but he wasn’t sure who loves him for him and not his money. He wanted a woman who is young so that she will be able to bear enough healthy and strong children to him. He remembered one of the girls he keeps sleeping with and decided to invite her to his home.

Ikedi: Hello Nkechi, how are you today?

Nkechi: ‘Good day Ik’ for that is the name she is fond of calling him ‘school is fine.

Ikedi: how are studies?

Nkechi: Studies is fine.

Ikedi: Hope you do not have any problem?

Nkechi: I do have so many problems oooo.

Ikedi: What are they?

Nkechi: ‘I haven’t paid my books, my school fee is still pending and my accommodation including feeding. No money’ she said pouting her lips.

Ikedi: Do you like me?

Nkechi: Of course I like you very much.

Ikedi: why do you like me?

Nkechi: What else, if not the fact that you provide me with my basic necessities. Errrmmm can we get down to action now; I sort of have a class in the next two hours.

Ikedi: I didn’t call you here to sleep with you like before, I called you here for something else.

Nkechi: What is it?

Ikedi: I have come to like you and you fit in to the category of the kind of woman I would want for a wife.

Nkechi: Okay, what is it you want then.

Ikedi: Let me go straight to the point, can you marry me?

Nkechi: Marry you?

Ikedi: Yes, Marry me? You see, I have all the wealth and money in the world. I just need a woman to make me complete.

Nkechi: Ermmmm, how old are you again?

Ikedi: I just clocked fifty two months ago.

Nkechi: Ermmmm.

Ikedi: How old are you?

Nkechi: I am twenty three years old.

Ikedi: Do you think age is a barrier?

Nkechi: Ermmm, it maybe because you are my Dad’s agemate and I am not so sure he would want me to settle down with a man old enough to be my father. Besides, I am just in my third year and there is no way I will be willing to want to get married now.

Ikedi: which means you placed me in the area of sugar daddy

Nkechi: it is not what you think oooo. Errrrrrmmm.

Ikedi: ‘it is okay, I know what you mean. He signed a cheque of three hundred thousand and handed it to her. You may leave now’ she collected the money and walked away without looking back.

Question: Sharp girl Nkechi left without looking back… who else is ready collecting Cheque from Ikedi? He seems a good father Christmas LOL. Is it too late for Ikedi to find his true love?

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  1. He is just not sensible. Before he feels he was doing those ladies. Now he will realize he was doing himself more harm than good. His first love gone, now he’s youthful days gone too. Without achieving anything. Hmmn……..

  2. Abeg! am ready to collect the cheque mbok! Hahaha! I said that when he will wake up it will be late, but not too late oh! Let him continue signing the cheque until he sign in his wife cos age is telling on him now, who so ever that will accept to marry him now is only for his money not love again oh! Unless by luck shaa! I fear oh!

  3. Its not too late but at his age it will b hard to find true love with someone in her twenties who can still wait for a younger guy

  4. B4 he was looking for a girl dat is not after his money, bt now he’s begging a girl to marry him bcos he has more Dan enof e can spend on her, God go provide wife for him o

  5. It is not too late for him (Ikedi) to get a life partner,but he will not find a young lady between the ages of 25_35 years. Hr will be looking for an old lady of about 40 years of age. Any lady that will marry him now is marring him because of his money.

  6. Are their really people like this out there in naija?….he will surely get a wife but he should go for a matured lady..Am not enjoying this story cos it’s coming very late…adelove pls take note..

  7. ***in the voice of his late mother***……”What an elder see sitting down, a child can’t see it even if climb at the tallest mountain”…..Mama warned you, but you didn’t listen, anyways this is just the beginning….(Onwegbe di ife ifuru).

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