(Episode 5) Worse than Wasted Money … Irresistible Story!

(Episode 5) Worse than Wasted Money … Irresistible Story!

Ikedi was not happy with the fact that all the nice, beautiful, young ladies he has been moving around with, none of them want to settle down with him and he decided to go for the lady who keeps pushing herself to him at all cost.

Ikedi: Oluchi, I want to take our relationship serious or is there anybody else in your life?

Oluchi: Ah! Anybody?  You should know that you are the only one that I have been seeing these past few months na. You do know that I love you so very much.

Ikedi: Do you really love me or you love my money?

Oluchi: Which kind question be that? Do you think that if I don’t love you, I will still be here with you? I have been waiting for you to come back to your senses and do the right thing.

Ikedi: Okay, you do know that I am fifty years old right?

Oluchi: Yes I do, age is just a number.

Ikedi: How old are you again?

Oluchi: Thirty years old.

Ikedi: Can you marry me?

Oluchi: ‘Are you asking me to marry you’ she asked for she was happy at what he just said.

Ikedi: Yes I am. Right now as it stands, I am desperate. I want to settle down as soon as possible.

Oluchi: Wow! Yes I will marry you.

Ikedi: Good. Inform your people that I am coming to do the necessary things in two weeks.

Oluchi: ‘Okay sweetheart’ she said and hugged him.

Oluchi and Ikedi met in a club few months back. Though Ikedi likes Oluchi as a person and not as a wife but since all the ladies he knows have rejected his proposal, he decided to make do with Oluchi for time is no longer on his side and he cannot afford to waste time again.


Oluchi on the other hand likes the fact that Ikedi is rich. She never intended he would ask her hand in marriage but when he did, she jumped right to it hoping that with his ticket to riches, she will be able to help her heart rob who is yet to secure a job.

She got to the one room apartment which she shared with Chukwuma to give him the good news.

Oluchi: ‘Hey Honey, how you doing’ she said as she went to give him a hug.

Chukwuma: I am not fine ooo. Nothing is going on in this country.

Oluchi: Relax babe; very soon we will be rich as ever.

Chukwuma: What do you mean?

Oluchi: You know that guy that I met in the club some time ago?

Chukwuma: Which guy?

Oluchi: That guy you said i should go and dance right in front of him, that you smell riches around him.

Chukwuma: That guy that was forming big boy.

Oluchi: Yes, that guy.

Chukwuma: What about him?

Oluchi: He asked me to marry him.

Chukwuma: He what?

Oluchi: Asked me to marry him.

Chukwuma: So you mean you kept seeing that guy after that period?

Oluchi: Yes na, I kept seeing him.

Chukwuma: And you have been giving him my ponmor free of charge abi?

Oluchi: Which kind talk be that na? if I no give am ponmor how we go take dey live na? Do you know that all the money I have been giving to you comes from him?

Chukwuma: Hmmm, so wetin be the gist na?

Oluchi: Ehen, na now you talk. He asked me to marry him.

Chukwuma: And your reply was?

Oluchi: Yes! I said yes without thinking twice.

Chukwuma: So you not only want to be giving him my ponyor, you also want to be his full time? Why me I come be your main guy na?

Oluchi: Chukwuma! Chukwuma! If no be say I love you eh! I swear I for don live you tey tey. How can you sound like this? Do you know that it is because of you that I agreed to marry the maga?

Chukwuma: I no know. infact, I no wan know anything. You think say I no no say once you marry that guy that is the end of us?

Oluchi: ‘Wetin I dey even do with you sef? I no blame you, na because I love you too much na him make I dey hear dey listen to your rubbish. Make I dey go abeg’ she carried her handbag and was about to live when he dragged her back.

Chukwuma: I am sorry, I didn’t mean to sound like that. You know that I am a man and I am bound to get jealous. I don’t just like the fact that you are seeing other people.

Oluchi: but you collect the money I make from them.

Chukwuma: I do and it is because I have no choice. I wish I have a good job to use in taking care of you.

Oluchi: you should not worry about looking for any stupid job again ooo. you should be worrying about doing bigger things and bigger project.

Chukwuma: What do you mean?

Oluchi: I  mean I am  going to be the wife of a millionaire na. You think I would still want you to work under somebody when I am there?

Chukwuma: I still do not like this idea of you saying yes to him ooo.

Oluchi: You no trust me again? Na me Oluchi, your babe oooo.

Chukwuma: I do. Just that getting married to him isn’t the plan I support you in doing.

Oluchi: Are you thinking that maybe I may leave you?

Chukwuma: Maybe, you may.

Oluchi: I won’t, I promise. I am doing this for our future.

Chukwuma: Do you really love me?

Oluchi: looked into his eyes ‘till my dying days’.

Question: Hmm… One word for Oluchi and Ikedi?

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  1. Hmmmmmm…… oluchi is deceiving herself cos chukwuma has any girl somewhr…. But oluchi is wicked oo…. See me crying 4 ikedi here, chaiii……. Hmmmmmm

  2. I pity Ikedi, rather than marrying a club girl he should have asked his sister to look for a good wife for him. As for Oluchi, she’s digging her own grave as Chuk’s will surely dumb her after sucking her dry

  3. Oluchi will suck Ikedi dry, and she will be so shocked dat Chukwuma is playing her to get money to go and marry anoda girl he has somewhere. IKEDI don finally see wetin e dey find

  4. Good for ikedi, now he’s desperate as for oluchi she will loose on both ends, cos chukwuma has a girl somewhere

  5. ***in the voice oluchi***…..”Baby calm down, the guy is just a MMS(Mugu money spender), As for Ikedi, i pity him cuz his second name will be ‘money miss road’.

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