Checkout this hilarious marriage list given to a man in Akwa Ibom

Just recently, the internet had a good laugh when yet another bride price list given to a man in Akwa Ibom surfaced online.

It’s no news how bride price is a cultural right in most parts of Nigeria. Marrying from some places is very easy and doesn’t require anyone breaking the bank. In some other parts however, it’s like expecting Santa Claus provide for a family for a lifetime.

Most times, it affects relationship as the loud undertone is that one can’t settle with the love of their life if they are not extremely wealthy. The latest which has gotten a lot of attention is a marriage list which was given to a groom-to-be.



  1. What?lol, that’s too much and its jus page 1 of 6. This collapse marriage indeed wen d husband less provide well for d wife n children, he will b referring her to her family that collected all his money on bride price, also it ends relationship as d person cant afford all that.

  2. They want to sell off d child and not give out her hand in marriage. They should have told d young man no Dan using list to pursue him

  3. Hehehehehe…….. Only page 1 out of 6 was shown here sef, still have 5 pages…… Issorite, d man go lend money do wedding finish, hunger go dey disturb dem ant too many debts to settle in marriage.

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