(Episode 6) Worse than Wasted Money … Irresistible Story!

(Episode 6) Worse than Wasted Money … Irresistible Story!

Chukwuma: I love you.

Oluchi: ‘I love you too’ she said and hugged the man who has been there for her since her parents died.

Chukwuma: So what now?

Oluchi: I will marry Ikedi.

Chukwuma: What happens after that?

Oluchi: I will be his wife and from there, we do what need to be done.

Chukwuma: What do you mean?

Oluchi: it means that when I become Mrs Ikedi, your status will change. You will no longer have to beg or look for a job.

Chukwuma: Hope you won’t abandon me after that and hope you won’t get pregnant for him. I do not want you to take in for him.

Oluchi: I don’t intend to. All I intend to do is be his wife and then everything will fall in place.

Chukwuma: If that is what you want, who am I to say no?

Oluchi: Thanks Darling.


One month later, Oluchi and Ikedi got married in the registry. After three weeks, Ikedi was tensed for he wanted his wife to be pregnant as soon as possible but that was not what Oluchi had in mind.

One evening, Ikedi went to perform his matrimonial duties to his wife in her room for in the beginning she has been against sharing the same room with her husband except when they need one another that they can go over to the “others room” and Ikedi obliged.

Oluchi: Is it everytime that you will be coming to my room? Don’t you think that as a woman, I am supposed to have time to myself?

Ikedi: What time do you want to have to yourself if not with your husband?

Oluchi: I do not want you in my room. I am tired and need some break from sex.

Ikedi: I need you to get pregnant for me as soon as possible; you know that I am no more getting any younger.

Oluchi: it is too early for you to start expecting me to take in. Give it some time.

Ikedi: And that is the more reason why I need to keep planting my seed inside you.

Oluchi: Ikedi, the one you have planted these past days is enough. It is not by planting seed upon seed inside. Allow me  na.

Ikedi: Okay, not tonight since you want to be left alone but I want to start seeing result immediately.

Oluchi: You will Ikedi, just give it time. By the way, aren’t you supposed to give me money for shopping? My clothes are worn out and I need a new set of cloths. I also need you to open a business of my own for me.

Ikedi: How much do you need for the shopping?

Oluchi: Five million naira will do.

Ikedi: the business will be opened when you give me an heir to all my wealth be it male or female, I don’t mind.

Oluchi: Ah! But why? Why can’t I have a business of my own?

Ikedi: Because I do not want anything to interfere with you having a child for me.

Oluchi: I cannot believe this, so you mean all I will be doing is waiting on you to put your seed inside me and wait for it to geminate?

Ikedi: Yes.

Oluchi: it cannot work ooo, it cannot work.

Ikedi: What do you need money for when anything you want you can have.

Oluchi: It does not matter; I still need my own business.

Ikedi: Give me a child and you can have much more than just one business of yours.


After the discussion Oluchi had with her husband, she decided to let him have his way and he signed the check of five million naira for her. The following day,When Ikedi left the house, she carried her purse and drove herself to chukwuma’s house.

Chukwuma: Oluchi, why are you here? I thought you said we won’t be seeing each other very soon.

Oluchi: Aren’t you missing me? She asked for she was wondering why he asked her that question.

Chukwuma: Why won’t I miss you? But I thought you said we won’t be seeing each other as usual?

Oluchi: She waved his statement with her hands and said ‘here, take this’

Chukwuma: Collecting the cheque said ‘What is this?’

Oluchi: It is Five million naira that I just collected from my husband.

Chuwuma: Five million naira cheque ! Wow! Just like that?

Oluchi : Yes na, what am i his wife for ?

Chukwuma: This is nice oooo.

Oluchi: I need you to cash that money and start processing your visa to the U.S immediately.

Chukwuma: ‘Wow! My baby, now you are talking. Five million naira just to process Visa? Hehehehe, I have arrived oooo. It is time to shame the devil’ he said smiling.

Oluchi: picked up her purse from the bed and said ‘I have to start going, I do not want my husband to know that I left the house’.

Chukwuma: ‘Bia Oluchi, Bia godu biko’ he said ‘now that you are here, won’t you give me my right?

Question: Hmmm…. What’s does Chukwuma mean by that statement “won’t you give me my right? Will she agree giving it to him? What’s the fate of Ikedi? 

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  1. hmmmmmmm….oluchi is such a fool, chukwuma will collect everythinh from her and elope with another lady. Oluchi will definitely give him, he’s asking her for sex….. Ohhhh…poor ikedi…… E yaf suffer.

  2. Both oluchi n ikedi will loose, but oluchi is so stupid to still believe that chukwuma loves her despite marrying another man, let’s wait for the next episode

  3. I think Chucks want to v sex wit her, if by that she get pregnant, she will gift it to Ikedi to care for n do her bidding.

  4. hmmm! he’s asking for sex n OLUCHI will definitely give him. ikedi I pity u so much buh OLUCHI, ur own mumu no get part 2, watch how chukwuma dumps u for another girl

  5. Oluchi must surely give chukwuma his own share ,I mean sex,fucking him. I mercy for Ikedi. Chukwuma go chop clean mouth elope with another woman ,leave Oluchi and run.

  6. He want sex,she will give him,get pregnant, give it to her husband,
    Chukwuma,will later abandoned her.she will loose on both side.

  7. To give him sex. But I pity that big fool called Oluchi. Any way ikedi deserves that , in his next world he will not over select and he will always listen to advice.

  8. I think chukwuma want sex. oluchi.is a big fool. she might decide to get pregnant for chukwuma and say is for ikedi

  9. I don’t pity Ikedi, that is what he want. He did not marry Oluchi because he love her but out of necessity to have a child. So he desired what he is getting from Oluchi.

  10. hahahahahahahahaha….This is really getting more interesting…As for the right, Oluchi should give Chukwuma his right mbok after all, the marriage of a thing is just a game to them, Chai! Ikedi(nwoke na ife na eme)….Anyways, i pity Oluchi at the end cuz karma will surely fall on her.

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