90% of Southern Nigerian Women are Prostitutes, Runs Girls – Northern Man

A Nigerian Twitter user by the handle @zikirillahi has labelled southern Nigerian women as prostitutes.

''90% Of Southern Nigerian Women Are Prostitutes, Runs Girls" - Northern Man

In a series of tweets, he claims that the southern part of any country is always the cause of problems in the country. This he said using popular HBO series, Game of Thrones as an example.

Read his tweets below.

In any country where there is South and North all the problem encounter by the state is from the Southern region. Even the famous TV Show “Game of Thrones” characterize South with House of betrayal, Lies, No Mercy, brothel, brother nd Sister intercourse, fake promises, injustice.

While Northerner are full people of integrity, people if their words, No fake promises “i’m no gonna swore an oath i can’t keep, When the North people make false promises words stop meaning anything – Jon Snow”

This exactly what’s happening in Nigeria. All Southern know that fornication is sin, Yet they commit it, brag about it nd make thread about it. How will u expect that people to respect other people’s religion while they can’t even respect their OWN

Over 90% of those southern women are prostitute either Ashwo, run girl or having sexual intercourse in the name of relationship



  1. Diz guy is a big fool,abg all d troubles wey we get 4 diz country,who dey cause am,d bombings nd d killings.
    Mind u,d northern ladies or women are alxo prostitute,as well as sex slaves cos dey only stay @ home while d husband go 2 hussle 2 put food on d table while dey just stay nd be given birthlike chickens.

  2. This guy must be one of those northern idiots that practically have nothing in their heads
    He is too daft to realise that most ladies in the northern are mere pretenders who cover their faces in the pubic, but who prostitute behind the scene

  3. Where my cousin was doing NYSC, some of their girls were donor to men. They only cover their faces without pants. Nonsense

  4. Fool of d highest order…. Whr did he get his fact from? Northern are d ones with integrity, people of deir words?… I hear u…. Yinmu…. Brother ode.

  5. I lived in the North and can speak authoritatively that even women in pudar are notorious for soliciting for sex under the cover of darkness. They’ll go out in a group to have fun at different locations and regroup to return like they only went for a meeting or so.

  6. Who is really a saint? This Twitter writer is sure one of the worst genre of the Northern Nigerian citizens. Every society has vices enbended in it.

  7. Seems he’s suffering from schizophrenia, a mental disorder in which a person is unable to reason well… Promiscuity in the north is far greater than the south. Who has more deformities? There are reports of some of them not only sleeping with humans but also with animals. Small boy, check your fact next time.

  8. Since you don’t like the Southern women, then you should be an ACTIVE SUPPORTER OF EVERYONE GOING THEIR SEPARATE WAY!! TOTAL RESTRYCTURING. THEN WE WILL SEE HOW YOU LAZY BONES WILL SURVIVE! mtchweeeeeeeeee

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