Kenyan athelete, Kiprotich wins 2018 Lagos City Marathon

Stephen Kiprotich from Kenya who finished first at the Lagos City Marathon, has emerged winner of the #AccessBankLagosCityMarathon with an record breaking timing of 2hrs 8mins.

The Lagos City Marathon is an annual athletic event hosted by the Lagos State Government which brings athletes and people from different countries around the continent to competing in the 26 miles event in order to win the goal prize.

Ethiopian lady Herpha Guta also emerged as the first female to finish the 2018 edition of the Access Bank Lagos City Marathon.



  1. It still doesn’t make sense to me and i think its a waste of money that Non- Nigerians are allowed to participate in an event like this which they always win.
    I think it should strictly be for Nigerians, this can be used to identity athletes who can represent the country and us to encourage our upcoming talents too.

  2. Congratulations …… But y is d lagos city marathon involving foreigners in d race?…. It should be for Nigerians alone if not lagosians.

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