OPC commences action against Fulanis in Yoruba land

Oodua Peoples Congress, OPC, in Ondo has directed its members to defend the South West against the invasion of Fulani herdsmen.

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The State Chairman and Secretary of the group, Victor Olayemi Egbeyemi and Olonimoyo Fesisogbo Pedro directed their members to meet with community leaders, chiefs and security agencies in order to prevent breakdown of law and order.

Rising from a meeting held in Akure, the state capital over the weekend, the group expressed, “worry over the incessant attacks by herdsmen in different parts of the state and asked Governor Rotimi Akeredolu to enact a law that would protect farmers against the activities of herdsmen in the state.”

In a statement, Egbeyemi said: “OPC members should get prepared whether there is war or not. The herdsmen kidnapped people in Ore, they attacked the wife of our member in Akure North, and people are fleeing their farms because of the activities of the herdsmen. Chief Olu Falae’s farm was burnt; we should rise up to defend our territories.

“We should not wait until they start to kill our people before we plan to defend them. We want to reorganize ourselves to defend the interest of Yoruba people. Both Aare Adams and Dr Fasehun’s factions must work together in the interest of the people.

“It is high time the Adams and Fasehun factions come together in the state in the interest of the people as the issue before them is beyond the supremacy battle between the two groups.

“Both Adams and Fasehun are from the state and their supporters should come together in the interest of the people.”



  1. Plan to use maximum force against them as so far they have been behaving like BARBARIANS and they will attempt to do what they did in Benue and Taraba.

  2. Fulani herdsman can be very dangerous. There actions many times could be total. So Oodua should be seriously be ready to meet with the killers and subdue them once. If not, it can be very catastrophic. Not by mere say or English speaking.

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