Pastor blames wife for his extramarital affair

A 41-year-old pastor, Oluwasanjo Eniola, has asked a Grade C Customary Court, Inanlende, Ibadan, to dissolve his marriage to his wife, Basirat, over her alleged resentment to his pastoral call.

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Eniola, on Tuesday urged the court to grant his prayers for dissolution of his 20-year marriage to Basirat to enable him to be free from his wife who’s not supportive.

The plaintiff confessed that Basirat’s resentment to his pastoral call was responsible for his extra-marital affairs which produced a child.

”My lord, my wife never supported my pastoral call, instead, she is in the habit of nagging me.

”She used to fight me over female church members but I let her realise that the women always give me advice that she never gives.

”At a time, she abandoned her matrimonial home and travelled to Lagos without my approval.

”Later, I decided to move closer to one of my female church members who gave me support.

”We eventually came together and our immorality led to pregnancy but I quit the relationship to avoid the wrath of God.

”I pray the court to separate us so that I can effectively face my ministerial work without interference,” Eniola pleaded.

In her defence, 34-year-old Basirat pleaded with the court to prevail on her husband not to leave her.

She, however, blamed the plaintiff for the challenges experienced in their union, which had produced four children.

Basirat alleged that her husband approved her relocation to Lagos to do menial job when life was tough for the family.

”Truly, I nagged him when I noticed his unholy romance with a female church member he eventually impregnated.

”As a woman, it is not strange that I expressed my disapproval towards his relationship with the woman, after all, he is a pastor.

”I want the court to give us more time for settlement because I cannot remarry after four children.

“And I promise to corporate with him if the matter is resolved.” Basirat said.

The president of the court, Chief Ramoh Olafenwa, adjourned the case until Feb.28 for parties to report on settlement of the matter out of court.

Olafenwa advised the couple to give peace a chance and to amicably resolve the matter in the interest of their children.



  1. Lobatan, pastor, ur wife said she’s still very much interested in her marriage with you. dat ur wife nags @ u doesn’t mean u should start fornicating and impregnate ur church member. Ask God for forgiveness and work things out with ur wife.. Ire ooo.

  2. Hmmm! I wonder what you will even preach to your members that are facing such challenges as well. Mr pastor as you claimed, if you are called by God , is better you put your family in order and stop that your nonsense excuses. You would have thought of this brlefore impregnating an other woman naa. May God forgive you shaa.

  3. Adultery is what what have committed, Stay close to ur God and ask for her forgiveness. The wife should also support her husband pastoral call. Gbam!

  4. Hmmnnn, Oga Pastor is 41years, Madam Basirat is 34years, their marriage is 20years. This shows that Oga Pastor married at 21years while madam Basirat was just 14years (teenager), is this not a child abuse for Pastor to marry teenager? God have mercy o….

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