Adelove Freebies: The two N15k Winners Updates

Adelove Freebies: The two N15k Winners Updates

We are announcing the Winners today. But wait ooo, it seems i’m having more than 2 winners here. I have 5 people but i won’t give out more than what i promised. Who should i pick for the Customer Care Service Rep? Why should i pick you? Please state the concrete reasons. Be Professional in your response! Best of Luck!



  1. Adelove……. Kindly choose me as one of d customer care service rep. I will advertise ur services on my platforms be it on instagram, facebook even on whatsapp status and will be very much available for ur services. Thank you.

  2. Wpo?Adelove, please kindly choose me because I followed your instructions accordingly,and promise to advertise your services. Thanks!

  3. it will be of my great delight if am chosen but if otherwise I will accept but am sure am capable of advertising your services on any platform. Thanks

  4. Dear Adelovecom,
    If I am chosen as a customer service representative, I will be diligent in every area,Resolve customer compaints via phone, email, mail, or social media. Use telephones to reach out to customers and verify account information. Will also promote the business by advertising it via social networking without any form of errors (So help me God). Greet customers warmly and ascertain problem or reason for calling. Assist with placement of orders, refunds, or exchanges.

  5. Woo!Adelove…please, kindle choose me as one of your customer services rep,because I followed your instructions accordingly and promise to always advertised your services in all social media. Thanks!

  6. Well, if am been picked as one of the customers care service rep, I promise to put in all my best, and to also ensure that as a representative to ur organization, i will do my best when interacting with your customers. I will ensure that I provide adequate information n customers when necessary. I will also take orders and respond to their complaints and process returns. I promise to be available 24/7 online so customers can be able to reach me. I promise to put in all my efforts and make this organization pround if chosen. Tanx

  7. Once I become your customer care rep,
    I will ensure I attend to all customers complain and and put smiles on their face and also ensure I advertise Adelove shipping company All the time

  8. if am been picked as one of the customers
    care service rep,
    1: I would ensure to put in all my best as a customer service rep,
    2: i will do my best when interacting
    with your customers.
    3: i would help in publicity

  9. Dear adelove, i really don’t have much to say but one thing i wanna let you know is if you chose me you are really helping a girl in need, am writting my project now and i know with you chosing i can afford all i need for that project and pratical exam.i promise to help take your business to a higher level, be it advertising, broadcasting, and if possible videoing and uploading i will try my possible best to help market your business and i pledge you more customers and clients

    Thank you as you chose me

  10. I love dealing with customers. I really enjoy the interaction with people and find no problem answering even the most trivial questions. I get a deep sense of satisfaction when solving problems or helping customers out in one way or another. And with me Adelove will go higher and archive greater greatness

  11. Good afternoon adelove,
    I have a year experience in customer service relations, a calm soothing voice,excellent communication skills and loads of tactics on how to deal with all sorts of customers. Nothing gives me more joy than solving customer related problems.

  12. I don’t have much to say but if i was chosen i will try my possible best to satisfy the customers as representative.Your record can tell by checking your database. Md Bello…A trial will convince you…

  13. Because am an easy going person, I love interacting with people,I have served in many public establishment and I have d gift of patience and tolerance, and I am willing to take to d next height by obeying there rules,inviting more members, always attending to customers without grumble or feeling bad and very importantly I ll always be active online

  14. Good afternoon Adelove
    I have over a decade experience in Customer Service Relationship both in the corporate organisation and in my private business.
    My competencies include, but not limited to ;
    1) Pleasant personality
    2) Excellent communication skills
    3) Attention to details
    4) Ardent Adelove blog reader!
    5) Great marketing skills
    If chosen for the job, I would also advertise your business on my social media(business) accounts hence, a symbiotic relationship!
    Awaiting a favourable response.
    Thank You

  15. adelove pick mi as ur customer service Rep .
    You should pick mi cos i will make known ur services online,advertise ur brand,be a middleman between u nd d customers,nd weneva dere is a problem or complaint along d line,i will very much try to put d person on a neutral position thereby trying to solve d problem(if itz within my power nd not against ur company rule).nd if itz not within my power,i will use d Escalation procedure(dat is handing d customer over 2 a person who can handle d problem more dan I),nd after dat,i will have 2 do a follow-up just 2 make sure dat d customer is satisfied,afterall ur customer is d lifeblood of d business.

  16. As an online customer care representative,i will be useful to any in different dimensions such as:
    1. Making sure am 24hrs online and available.
    2. Attending to our customers needs,making sure they are well informed.
    3. Creating adverts and publicity as often as possible,thereby sourcing for new customers.
    4. Being steadfast and committed to every company’s policies and instructions,thereby ensuring a good customer care based relationship and satisfaction.
    5. Making videos where and when necessary to promote the image of the company and to sell our brand positively to our clients .
    6. My beautiful smile and nice voice with the ability to speak well and calmly is a bonus maintaining a friendly position to making our clients call again.
    If am considered qualified for this beautiful position,i promise not to disappoint you. Thanks in anticipation

  17. Gooday Adelove,
    my name is Komolafe oluwatosin and am one of those aspiring to be one of your customer care representative and if am picked for this post I will give everything it takes to satisfy the need of the customer(s) in as much its in the capacity of the company, also I will engage customer (s) in conversations which will serve as a means of advertising other products of the company and am ready to learn more if the company ask that of me in Customer relation skills. I will be looking forward to hearing from you.

  18. Dear Adelove
    I am very versatile and I can deal with customers in a friendly manner and empathetic and also try to stick to the company’s protocols

    Thanks in anticipation

  19. Dear Adelovecom,i believe I would be of great help to you when chosen as your customer care rep because I have taken online courses on business communication and this training plus my personal ability of initiating and sustaining meaningful conversation with people is what makes me right for the job

  20. Dear adelove …. am a straight forward person although I don’t know much about online business… but if pre adventure am pick I will do my best to be loyal to u guy’s…. And am a type of person that love’s communicating alot…so I will do my best to persuade customers or bring more customers

  21. A lot of funny responses up there. These are my favourite, as their responses are concise, professional and straight to d point…… Juliet Tina, Akingbola Kemi, Mjj, Laurel Barbie and Otiede Abigail. The rest have to improve on their English Language use, though those mentioned above are not entirely flawless.

  22. If i was chosen, i will with the Grace of God do all i can to take your company to next level. I will advertise it in the platform necessary. I cross my heart to serve you with total humility….
    Am always online……

  23. hello Adelove
    i wouldn’t mind being chosen as your customer care agent, i have a good communication skill, i write perfectly well
    and would promote the organization on all social media handles..i also relate with people well

  24. With the help of God I will advertise and serve as a good rep to the organization, to make sure the business grows not only in social media but in the society, to give the customers maximum attention and quick replies, to adhere to the rules governing this great organization and work harder for a the betterment of the organization. I hope i am being chosen but even if I am not, I won’t stop advertising this blog to my friends because they have done more than good to me

  25. Good day Sir. My name is Kolawole Emmanuel Folayemi. I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management from the prestigious Adekunle Ajasin University in Ondo State of which I graduated with a second class upper division. I have a year working experience with CharlesWhite Real Estate Agency situated in Akure, Ondo State of which I functioned as a Financial and Administrative Assistant. I am a proactive personality and I believe in diligence ,honesty and hardwork. I always pay attention to the tiniest details. If you give me the chance to work as your customer care representative I can assure you I will give my best and ensure Adelove grows from strength to strength. I will work hard immensely and put my heart into working for you Sir. Thanks in anticipation for your consideration.

  26. Dear adelove
    I love interacting with people, rendering appropriate help and putting a smile on their faces. I believe if I’m chosen for the role, it will b a platform to showcase my skills in dealing with customers of different calibre in a friendly manner.

  27. hmm adelove kudos for this job opportunity and to whoever emerges as the chosen one,I say congratulations.

    as a customer care representative it’s expedient the onus involves but not limited to:
    1>creating a salubrious environment between online users and the parent company.
    2> working in tandem with the parent company’s laid down precedent
    3> promoting the image and services of the company
    4> ensuring etiquette in the platform
    5> employing sagacity, been expeditious, tranquil while conjuring equanimity in adverse cases
    6> the customer care representative must b gregarious, boisterous and extrovert in nature so there can be good relationship with online users .
    7> must b computer /electronic devices friendly

    I’m well bequeathed with the above qualities and lot more and I promise to dispatch my duties in line with parent company’s regulations if given this juicy opportunity.
    yours sincerely
    Mr opulence

  28. Dear Adelove,
    I’m an ardent believer of anything worth doing is worth doing well.
    I play by the rules. I’m teachable, easy to work amongst a team.
    Love solving people’s challenge. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than it.
    I’m fluent in English and have a suiting voice. Thanks

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