(Episode 11) Worse than Wasted Money … Irresistible Story!

(Episode 11) Worse than Wasted Money … Irresistible Story!

Ikedi: Hmmm.

Ifeoma: What’s hmmm?

Ikedi: Nothing really. Ermmm how old are you again?

Ifeoma: I am forty five years old.

Ikedi: can I say something please

Ifeoma: Go ahead Please.

Ikedi: would you like to have more kids.

Ifeoma: Lol….Hmmm. Why are you asking me all these questions?

Ikedi: Because I would like to marry you and I want you to have my kids if you would want to be my wife.

Ifeoma: I am not sure I want to get married again. Wait a minute, are you asking me to marry you?

Ikedi: Yes I am.

Ifeoma: I am not sure I want to.

Ikedi: Why?

Ifeoma: Because I do not want to.

Ikedi: Please Ifeoma, I want you to be my wife.

Ifeoma: I can’t.

Ikedi: because of your kids or what?

Ifeoma: Because I do not know you or if you are serious and it is too sudden for you to ask that of me.

Ikedi: If you want time. I will give you time and we can get to know each other. I just want us to get married and you bear my name and have kids for me.

Ifeoma: What makes you think I would want to have kids for you after I have had five children?

Ikedi: because I would want one of my own. Listen Ifeoma, I am simply telling you what I want from you and from us.

Ifeoma: I do not want to go through the stress of child bearing and besides, I am forty five years old, and don’t you think I am too old for that?

Ikedi: Please Ifeoma, I am asking you this, from a desperate heart. Please, just give me this one request.

Ifeoma: Hmmm, I will think about it but I am not promising. We can also opt for a surrogate for you.

Ikedi: Just think about it carefully before we go ahead with all other available options.

Ifeoma: I will.


Few months later, Ifeoma and Ikedi tied the knot in Ikoyi registry where they were pronounced man and wife. Ifeoma lived with her five children together with her husband in the same house. Ikedi loved her children like it was his own but he still wanted one from his own loins and decided to talk to his wife about it.

Ikedi: Ifeoma, I need you to carry my child.

Ifeoma: Are you still bent on me carrying your own child.

Ikedi: of course I am. I am not getting any younger and would really want a child of my own.

Ifeoma: You know that I am too old for childbearing; I really do not want anything to happen to me because I cannot live my children alone in this world.

Ikedi: How does you carrying my own child means you are going to leave this world?

Ifeoma: it is dangerous and we cannot afford the cost when anything goes wrong. Why don’t we involve a surrogate in this matter?

Ikedi: Why would I want to involve a surrogate?

Ifeoma: My body is too weak but a surrogate can use my egg and your sperm. All she has to do is carry the child for nine months.

Ikedi: Hmmm.

Ifeoma: That is the only option left ooo but before that, we have to visit the doctor to find out if my eggs can still be used and that is if I have any eggs left sef.

Ikedi: What do you mean? Have you stopped seeing your period?

Ifeoma: No I haven’t but just because I haven’t doesn’t mean  that I can produce. Let’s see the doctor before any conclusion is made.

Ikedi: Alright.


Ikedi and ifeoma went to see the doctor and it was confirmed that ifeoma can still carry a child of which she preferred using a surrogate to go through all that for her and it was decided by Ikedi to use a surrogate.

Ikedi took his wife abroad through the help of his beloved sister Nkiruka who financed all the expenses and also paid for a surrogate to carry his brother child. Nine Months later, the surrogate gave birth to a bouncing baby boy.

Ikedi was happy and overjoyed at the news for it seems he has waited all his whole life just to have a child and a child he finally has. He named the child Obiechina for his Lineage will never close ever again.

Two Years Later , Obiechina grew to be a very quiet and handsome boy who was so loved by his parents but Ifeoma noticed something different about her child.

Ifeoma: ‘Ikedi, I think our child needs medical attention’ she said when they were alone in their room

Ikedi: What do you mean by our child needs medical attention?

Ifeoma: He is unlike my five children. Looking at Obiechina, I think something is wrong with him.

Ikedi: What do you think is wrong with him?

Ifeoma: I really do not know yet, that is why I said let us take him to the doctor first to confirm if he is medically okay.

Ikedi: How can you take a child to the hospital when you can’t fathom out what is wrong with him?

Ifeoma: Ikedi, look at Obiechinna, does he look okay to you?

Ikedi: He does, I do not see anything wrong with him.

Ifeoma: You are so very wrong, our son is two years old yet has never called me Mom properly and  neither has he ever called you Dad, when all other children can say a few words his age.

Question: You are about learning something new in this Interesting Story! What could be wrong with Obiechinna? Why is Ifeoma so concerned?

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  1. Hmmmmmmm….. Watz all dese tribulations upon tribulations for ikedi naw…. He has suffered enough abeg….. Something is definitely wrong with d boy but can’t just fathom wat exactly it is and he needs medical attention.

  2. Is better he listen to her now oh! Before it will be too late. I pity you ikedi, your sturborness is increasing your problems instead vof solving it.

  3. This episode took forever to come,some kids are very slow when it comes to talking or making sense but this child is long over due,so I tink dey need medical attention fast ikedi u better listen to your wife oo

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