(Episode 12) Worse than Wasted Money … Irresistible Story!

(Episode 12) Worse than Wasted Money … Irresistible Story!

Ikedi: You worry too much; he will come around in his own time.

Ifeoma: I do not think that is the situation with our son.

Ikedi: Give him time ifeoma, he will come around. Every child is different in their own way.

Ifeoma: but this one is different, he can’t say a few words properly.

Ikedi: okay, fine. What do you want us to do now?

Ifeoma:  I would like to take him to the hospital for medical check -up.

Ikedi: Alright but it won’t be now; if after six months he doesn’t improve then you can take him to a hospital.

Ifeoma: In that case, I would like to send him to kindergarten for him to see his peers and mingle with, maybe that would change him a bit and enable him talk faster.

Ikedi: If that is what you want, fine by me.

Ifeoma: Thanks dear.


Few Days later, Nkiruka paid a visit to his brother Ikedi.

Ikedi: Sister, welcome to my house.

Nkiruka: Ehen Ikedi, how are you and how is your health?

Ikedi: I am doing fine.

Nkiruka: No sign and symptoms of stroke again abi?

Ikedi: Not at all, no sign.

Nkiruka: Good. Ermmm, where are the children and where is your wife?

Ikedi: Have you forgotten that they are all in boarding school and the two elder ones who are in the university doesn’t like coming home until they are broke.

Nkiruka: Smiling ‘that is good to hear, What about your wife and Obiechina?’

Ifedi: Oh! You mean ifeoma he asked sitting by her side.

Nkiruka: Yes I mean her.

Ifedi: She went to her shop in the market. You know she has a provision store there.

Nkiruka: Okay. Anyway. That is good because I came to see you.

Ifedi: What is wrong, hope no problem this one you came to see me.

Nkiruka: No problem ooo. it is just that I was wondering if you are ever thinking of having more children.

Ifedi: What do you mean if I am thinking of having more children?

Nkiruka: Don’t you want to have more children?

Ifedi: I haven’t thought of that.

Nkiruka: Why if I may ask?

Ifedi: What do you mean why? I don’t want to have any more because I am too old to be a father at my age.

Nkiruka: Says who? Is it not your mate that are getting married?

Ifedi: Thank God you said getting married and not giving birth.

Nkiruka: Is it not your mate that are getting married and giving birth?

Ifedi: Look sister, I am too old and Obiechina is okay for me at the moment.

Nkiruka: Mba nu, I cannot and will not accept that. I want you to have more children.

Ifedi: I have five children from my wife already and obiechina my biological child. What else do you want me to have?

Nkiruka: Another child from your loins Ikedi, Another child! Is it a bad thing to wish for another child?

Ifedi: It is not and not a bad idea but right now, I just can’t.

Nkiruka: And why is that so?

Ifedi: Because my wife may not be in support. I know how difficult it was for me to convince her to allow a surrogate carry our child.

Nkiruka: And what is wrong if you do that this time?

Ifedi: Sister Please, Obiechina is okay for me.

Nkiruka: Look at you, do you think Mama will be happy that all you could do for her, is give her only one child?

Ifedi: Please don’t start.

Nkiruka: Don’t start what? When we were running and chasing you with different beautiful women to marry did you agree? No! What you were busy doing was going to club and chasing anything on skirt. You couldn’t even produce one and what was the reason? That I cannot have a child outside marriage ‘she said mimicking him’ the useless woman you finally settled down with, robbed you of all your wealth and everything you had. You were in a vegetable state when she left but I still took pity on you as my brother, I sold all I had to make sure you are here today.

Ikedi: What is it na? Why are you telling me the story of my life?

Nkiruka: Because I need to remind you of who you are and the reason why you need more children.

Ikedi: Is that why you have to tell me the story of my life.

Nkiruka: Yes ikedi, Yes! Look here Ikedi, all your friends left you to die but your family stayed behind. If you get old and sick, I may not be there, your niece and nephew may also not be there not even your step children but your own child from your loins will always be there for you.

Ikedi: That is why I have Obiechina na.

Nkiruka: and I said he isn’t enough. The earlier you start thinking about it, the better for you and us all. I have said my own and it is up to you to take it or live it. Afterall, you are an adult.

Ikedi: But I do not have the money to go through the process all over again and what if my wife has reached menopause?

Nkiruka: You simply have another woman to do it for you for you are still a man and you still have some strength left in you to  pregnant another woman don’t you?

Ikedi: I wouldn’t want to have an affair with another.

Nkiruka: I am not asking you to. All I am saying is that you can still use another woman’s egg but your sperm is what will use to fertilize her eggs.

Ikedi: My wife may be against it.

Nkiruka: it is your duty to make her understand.

Ikedi: Hmmm, I will think about it and talk to her about it.

Nkiruka: You better do for time is no longer on your side.

Ikedi: Hmmmm.

Question: Hmm… do you agree with Nkiruka?

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  1. From one problem to another. Let them sort out Obichena’s health first. Though there is truth in what his sister is saying cos no matter what your children will be the ones to look after you when you have retired. It’s well with Ikedi.

  2. I just hope his sister will not put hhim in trouble sha he shoulld just make his wife see reasons with him,Not a bad idea though but dey Av to tread wit caution already it seems like something is wrong with his son…

  3. This ikedi story don’t tire me joor! What Nkiruka was saying was not really bad Shaw, but that idea might stir problems between ikedi and ifeoma.

  4. Poor Ikedi…. I feel for u seriously….. From one problem to another. The issue of giving birth to another child is a good one, but how will he go abt dat? Dis one dey are yet to know wat exactly is happening to obiechina.

  5. Mr ikedi have spiritual problems oo. even when his only son isn’t talking at 2 he’s still hesitant about getting a second. he made a mistake not having a prenuptial agreement before going in for his second wife

  6. Whatever he is going thru, he brought it up on himself. Well his sister idea is not a bad at all, one cannot rely on just one child and besides d child is not really in good condition. I just chat his wife will agree to it because it was difficult to confuse her for d first time. Ikedi honestly speaking u need more children just like ur sister has suggested.

  7. Well. It’s a beautiful advice, but, I feel he should pray over it first before coming to a decision. There’s nothing God can’t do. It’s likely his sperm isn’t vibra enough to nourish the egg, being so old in the first place.
    But, like I earlier said. He should join with his wife and pray over it

  8. Yes I seriously agree with Nkiruka,time is no longer on his side he needs his own blood children that can take care of him during his old age. Not just one but many.

  9. bringing more children is good but the financial crisis is the big problem,
    but if nkiruka can still be there for them to Bill the cost good and fine,

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