Why youths can’t be President in Nigeria – Prof. Sagay

Itse Sagay, Chairman of the of the Presidential Advisory Committee against Corruption (PACAC), has dismissed calls that youths will perform better than older people if given the opportunity to become President of Nigeria.

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Sagaya warned that Nigeria may regret having a youth as president because they would be embarking on a dangerous journey if elected.

Speaking with Newsmen, on Monday, the PACAC chairman contended that there was no evidence backing the claim that youths were better than elders in leadership.

According to Sagay, those thinking that youths would perform better in positions of authority in Nigeria were being shallow-minded.

Sagay said, “Number one: it is shallow-thinking for anyone to think that if a youth becomes president, he will do better than the older one.

“It is very shallow thinking because, as I see it, it is the youths of Nigeria today who believe in overnight wealth, who want billions overnight, who don’t want to work for their living and gradually build up their assets and business.

“That psychology of overnight wealth is almost exclusively a youth attribute. “Number two: who is stopping the youths? All these people who are advocating that the youths should take over are in essence saying the older ones should just call the youths and say ‘come and take power.

“If you want power, you work for it. You are not going to sit down in your sitting room and somebody will bring power to you. Let them join the fray.”



  1. Tell me something…. So d elders dere now, wat exactly are dey doing if not swindlling our money and keeping it for deir children, the elders are ones to first embark on a dangerous journey by hoarding and lavishing our money…. Abegii

  2. Shut up old man abi u wan take d seat to d grave? U can never tell about d youth till u give them a trial. Since old men has bin leading what have we achieved? Ur only problem is dat d youths wants overnight wealth and what about d old dat nos dey r close to their grave but will still be stealing d country’s money. Dis ur statement dey vex me

  3. I agree with your second point that youth should work hard for it if they want to lead but disagree with the first about youths trying to be rich overnight, many youths are working hard nursing the ambition of being a leader in Nigeria but you old men are making it difficult for us because you have made our people believe in politics of money sharing which we don’t have

  4. ok,with d way diz man is talking,u’ll know dat he has a son @ home whom he’z still feeding cos he doesn’t want 2 hand over responsibility 2 him.

  5. Lack of democratic ethos, inter-generational equity and social justice is tyranny. Another evidence of underdevelopment and child sacrifice.

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