Delta airline flight from Lagos to Atlanta catches fire, 5 injured

Five people sustained several minor injuries, after passengers on board a Delta Airline Flight from Lagos Nigeria to Atlanta used emergency slides to evacuate the flight and returned to the airport in Lagos, after one of the planes engine caught fire.

Delta airline flight from Lagos to Atlanta catches fire, 5 injured

According to Delta, the Airbus A330-200 had an issue with one of its two engines. Flight 55 landed safely but five passengers suffered minor injuries during the evacuation while the plane was on the runway.

The passengers evacuated the plane using escape slides which is an unusual occurrence that shows the seriousness of the incident.

Delta’s website indicates that the Airbus A330-200 has 234 seats. It has two Pratt & Whitney PW4000 turbofan engines.

The engine’s manufacturer, Pratt & Whitney, said in a statement that it’s working with “authorities to assess the situation.”



  1. They should check and service this planez well before they take off
    My flight to Germany is by 3:00 today but from d look of things I ll just chatter keke that ll take me there
    I can’t kum and die in plane

  2. Ohhh God…. thorough inspection and if possible servicing should be done b4 dese flights takes off…. Thank God no lives was lost.

  3. Wow, 2 incidents with Pratt & Whitney engines within 24 hrs. A United flight from San Francisco to Honolulu lost the cowling on one of it’s P&W Engines on a B777 yesterday 02/13/2018 and now this so close to home, DL55 in LOS. Thank God no lives lost on both incidents.

  4. Fire can occur anytime no matter the level if checks! Human error can also play a part. We thank God that the plane was able to return without blowing up in the air.

  5. Thank God it is not a Nigeria airline, the comments would have been too devastating. I am tired of too many bad comments about Nigeria.

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