(Final Episode 15) Worse than Wasted Money … Irresistible Story!

(Episode 15) Worse than Wasted Money … Irresistible Story!

Ifeoma: Why is that?

Ikedi: Because, if I had done that at a young age, I won’t be hear listening to what the doctor said today.

Ifeoma: that is in the past now, at least you have a child now and that is something to be grateful for.

Ikedi: it is because of me that my child is the way he is. This is really worst than the wasted money! Why will the poor boy Obiechina suffer over my own mistakes? Hmmm…

Ifeoma: Don’t beat yourself up for the mistake made, there is nothing you can do about it except helping him with his therapy.

Ikedi: Hmmm, when I had it all, I never knew it will end up like this.

Ifeoma: That’s life for you.

Ikedi: Wow! This life, nobody can say how someone will end. I thought I had my life all figured out. Everything dawned on me when my mother died.

Ifeoma: What do you mean?

Ikedi: I thought that I had my whole life planned just the way I wanted it, Give birth to as many kids as I want whenever I am ready but look at my life now.

Ifeoma: but you have obiechina with you.

Ikedi: Ifeoma you won’t understand. When I was much  younger, I used to think that I can give birth anytime I want and if I want. I thought that it is only the woman that go through biological timing, I didn’t know that men do too else I wouldn’t make the mistake I made while still young.

Ifeoma: There is nothing you can do except accept things the way they are. You should just focus on the one you have at hand afterall, you still have your step children with you and they look up to you as their father.

Ikedi: It also means that there is no way I will be want to have another child after what I have just discovered.

Ifeoma: It’s a 50/50 chance if you want to try with another.

Ikedi: Hmmm, I think this is my final bus stop. I wouldn’t want to take chances and let an innocent child suffer for my own mistake. Like i mentioned earlier, it is worst than the wasted money. I’ve wasted money enough but this one beats beyond it.

Ifeoma: I wish a lot of men out there knows the truth, I wish they know that as they age, they sperm count reduces. I hope your story will serve as a lesson to others and our children.

Ikedi: You are very right, they need to know that as technology is advancing, so new things are been discovered.

Ifeoma: Gone are the days when it is only the woman that suffers alone, men should also brace up and take charge of their life.

Ikedi: if I tell you that I have truly accepted what the doctor said, I will be lying to you. Men also have biological clock? Wonders will never end.

Ifeoma: New findings coming out every day. Thank God it is not only the women that have biological clock.

Ikedi: Hmmm.

Ifeoma: Anyway, Obiechina’s therapy will start soonest.

Ikedi: I will make sure I do everything possible to make my child whole again.

Ifeoma: He is already well in Jesus name.

Ikedi: Amen! Amen!


Few years later, Ikedi dropped his son at school and was handing him his school bag when Obiechina smiled at him.

Obiechina: Dad, you do not have to worry to come pick me up from school, I will follow my friends home.

Ikedi: And why is that?

Obiechina: Because you are not too strong, remember that you are just recovering.

Ikedi: Okay, I will stay at home and have more rest if that is what you want.

Obiechina: Yes! I also want you to eat and take your drugs on time.

Ikedi: ‘Done’ he raised his right hand in the air.

Obiechina: I also want you to rest well and don’t stress yourself.

Ikedi: ‘Done! Now get going before you get punished by your teacher for coming to school late’ he said to him and waved him goodbye.   When he was sure that his son is safe in school, he turned around and met a woman looking and smiling at him.

Woman: Wow sir, your grandson is so handsome and cute.

Ikedi: Thanks but he is not my grandson but my son.

Woman: Really! She said for she was shocked at what he just said ‘I am sorry ooo, I didn’t know he is your son’ she said and walked away. As soon as she was a few steps away she turned back and looked at Ikedi again. ‘Hmmm, wonders will never end, how can an old man  be the father to that small boy, wetin we no go  see for this world oooo’ she said and clapped her hands.

Ikedi: Hmmm, I wish I had Obiechina when I was much younger, Had I known the world will look at me the way that woman just did, I wouldn’t have made this mistake.


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  1. That woman is sheer stupid. Hasn’t she seen couples being blessed at old age with a child? Don’t they read the Bible? The comment from that gossip is so annoying

  2. Well,tank GOD u still had a child,others wey no even get @ all nko.
    All is well dat endz well.
    Nice piece 4rm adelove,kUDOS.

  3. Hmmmmmm….. Such is life, we @ time planned our lifes witout knowing things don’t just work out dat way….. @ least ikedi has obiechina, itz better dan having none….. But u didn’t even made mention of his ex wife.

  4. Ikedi learnt his lesson in a hard way! May God help men that think they can have kids at when they wish! Nice story! Thank you Adelove and crew!

  5. It ended well,so this should be an eye opener to some men that think they have all the world in their palm not knowing that everything has time.Well done Adelove

  6. nothing about chukwuma and his ex wife? I think the story isn’t about Karma but about educating us that men are losing it at old age. nice morals. thanks adelove

  7. Hmmmmm really learnt a lot thru this story

    All that glitters is really not gold

    Let’s make hale while d sun is still shining

    Thanks adelove

  8. God bless you Adelove.. Really appreciate this story..though he learnt his lesson in hard way but at last he had a son to call his own.

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