“My life is in danger” – Shatta Wale cries out to….

Dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale has said he will not sit aloof and wait for a Pastor to visit a shrine to kill him just because he wants to prove a point that he has the power to make and unmake.

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According to him, if the Pastor who predicted his death thinks he is a man of God, he should meet him so he proves to him that he is also anointed by the Holy Ghost and that the Pastor is a thief and not a man of God.

Shatta Wale who made this call in a Facebook Live stream video made a clarion call on the President of Ghana to draw his attention to the fact that his life has been threatened by a Pastor.

He said;

“Mr. President I’m being threatened, my life is at stake and I can’t wait for a Pastor to go to a shrine to come and prove a point. I want to prove a point about who God is. You see this Pastor, if you have power come and look for me otherwise I will come and show you power mightier than your church, mightier than your car, mightier than your house, mightier than your entire family and generation. Pastor you stepped on a wrong tail. I won’t even call you a Pastor, I will call you a thief and a murderer. You people killed Ebony.”.

He used the opportunity to call on Religious leaders to rise up against all fake Pastors and Prophets in the country.

He also called on Ghana Police to investigate the Pastor in the coming days or he will strike with members of his empire to burn down the Pastor’s Church because he feels his life is been threatened.



  1. Well u r right but stop bragging on burning down church if at last u were to b alive till Dec which will b so by God’s grace evn more years to come. Your being alive is enough prove to d pastor himself that God only changeth.

  2. Spiritual matters should be dealt with spiritually. The social media CAN NOT overrule the fact that the spiritual controls the physical. A pastor said what? Go on your knees brother. Consider king Hezekiah’s story in the bible. #WHOPASSGOD#

  3. Thought ure threatening to ben cheeshes (burn churches) lol and calling pastor (pasta) instead of u to cry to God to reverse d prophesy and shame d devil wit dat ur mouth dat looks like watering can….. Mtcheeeew

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