Saraki warns Buhari

Senate President, Bukola Saraki, says some persons in the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari were hurting Nigeria’s democracy.

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He spoke at plenary on Tuesday while reacting to the suit filed against Senator Dino Melaye by the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister, of Justice Mr. Abubakar Malami, for allegedly misleading the police about an assassination attempt on his life in April 2017.

The senator, according to the suit, also falsely accused the Chief of Staff to Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello, Mr. Edward Onoja, of the assassination attempt.

Saraki, while reacting yesterday, said Melaye’s arraignment which comes up on March 1, 2018, was not justified.

“I do not see how the issue of arraignment can be a way forward in a matter like this.

“But be that as it may, I want us all to continue to defend democracy and fight for what is right and I can assure you that this institution will continue to stand for what is right.

“Those who think that they are helping the government, but sometimes they are doing things that are not in the interest of this democracy.

“I think they need to do what is right for the interest of all of us. But for sure, what is wrong is wrong.

“I think those who are looking at this will have a review and do what is right,” Thisday quoted him as saying.



  1. Why won’t he warns Buhari, him and Melaye are the bad eggs in the Senate promoting Indiscipline and Corruption. Do they (Saraki &Melaye) think people have regard for them (rogues & thieves). Mcheeeeeew…….

  2. Bukola Saraki, so in your own thinking, what is good for our democracy is for the so-called “bigmen” to be left alone even they are alleged to have committed a crime? I disagree. My dear please continue with your good fight against everything that is bad and against the people.

  3. What is Saraki’s problem with the arraignment? The judiciary is independent of the accuser & the accused. Why is the accused afraid of defending himself before an independent judge. I watched the carricature video of Dino’s speech on the floor of the house. Let him go and defend himself in the court and not use the immunity in the house for intimidation

  4. Naija has a way of playing around everything, now everyone one is warning buhari even those dat still hv cases. Buhari no one got respect for u, sorry

  5. Saraki may not be a saint but one thing is worthy of note is that we shouldn’t use our office or position to always fight those who are not on our side. There are many innocent people lavishing in prisons and various custody in the country. the anthorny General of the federation should have concentrated more on that and not to be freeing boko-haram terrorist in custody.

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