Actress Moyo Lawal posed completely nude to promote beauty products

Nollywood actress Moyo Lawal, in a modelling photo shoot for colleague Mimi Orjiekwe, posed completely nude to promote the actress new beauty products.

Moyo Lawal posed completely nude to promote beauty products Lailasnews 3

Moyo Lawal posed completely nude to promote beauty products Lailasnews 1

Actress Moyo Lawal poses nude for new cosmetics campaign

The beautiful actress laid her body bare to display one of Mimi’s product and she looks quite gorgeous in the photo shoot.

Mimi Orjiekwe said in a statement that about utilising the services of one of her colleagues in the Nollywood industry to promote her new beauty products;

“Moyo is advertising my highlight which is one of my favourite products because i use it every day, to highlight my body, my collar, my nose, my high cheek bone and my lips. I use it all the time because it makes women beautiful and it brings out the shine/glow in them.

I see Moyo to be very sexy. That is why i called on her. I figure that if she wears the ‘highlight’, her body will bring out the glow perfectly. I know she’s capable because she’s daring.”

The sultry actress was just in the news yesterday when she posed in a casket to celebrate Valentine’s day. This got so many of her fans to react to the act and she definitely got a lot of bashing from them.

In her caption after the she posted the photo, Moyo Lawal wrote:

‘Mortuary selfie’

And the fans began to pour in their comments. One even asked her not to die now as no one would understand why a living being would want to take a selfie in an item meant for dead people.



  1. To promote ur friends product
    U went nude
    Thst ur friend wetin do her body, can’t she expose her own body
    Cox of money u did shit
    Tomorrow u ll go to Shiloh and start shouting I receive husband by Faith

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