When Don Jazzy went on a date with Mo Abudu… See Photos

It’s the news of the century ! The CEO EbonyLifeTV Mo Abudu going on a date with the mavin Boss, Don Jazzy?

Well it happened on Valentine’s Day and both were sighted at the cinema where they went to see a movie.

Mo Abudu was excited, shared photos of their dates and even Don jazzy filled his IG page with photos.

But before fans would believe what could be the impossible, here is the catch.

Mo Abudu, in her usual unique style, had gone on a date with Don Jazzy to the private screening of her latest work, Royal Hibiscus Hotel.

Don Jazzy posted, “We had to see #RHHtheMovie again today. What better way to spend the valentine with my luv @moabudu. If you haven’t seen the movie guys you re really missing. No hype this is such a beautiful romantic movie. The acting was superb and the soundtracks were perfectly placed. Shout to @johnnydrille too 👏🏾👏🏾👏”



  1. Ahahhaahaaaa,you guys almost make me faint,adelove.com,sorry to use the word your papa there. One popular blogger has been crushing on Don naa,since ninety kpirirdim and i almost faint on her behalf cos done is fully aware and even did a special birthday something for her last year

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