I sympathise with APC – Bola Tinubu

Bola Tinubu, national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has expressed sympathy with the ruling party.

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Speaking at a meeting with APC’s national working committee (NWC) in Abuja on Wednesday, Tinubu said there would be challenges in carrying out change in different sectors of the country.

The national leader said the party needs to look inward and should be repositioned if need be.

“We have never govern before, but governed the confidence of Nigerians to govern. We have a creed to really serve the country, change and reform the country,” Tinubu said.

“It is not easy to have those changes implemented like instant curfew. We have to grow it and face challenges. I sympathize with us and we should equally look at ourselves. Since we won the election, the expectations have been very high and the good will was extremely high. But where are we today?

“The solution is to seek opinion and advice on the various complex around some states or if there is any national one, to reconcile, move the party in a cohesive manner and reposition if need be, we should build confidence among ourselves.”

The APC national leader said the challenges President Muhammadu Buhari is facing are enormous.

“The challenges faced by our government and the president is enormous. It is only because people are not paying attention to the various statistics that are available and we have to push that I won’t touch those areas yet,” he said.

“The challenges of security, the challenges of reforms, re-engineering the finances of this country, stopping the corruption and challenging the status quo to change and reform ourselves is there. It doesn’t go away over night. You work on and work hard at it.”

On his part, John Oyegun, national chairman of the APC, said there are issues that must be resolved in the party.

He said the NWC would give Tinubu the needed assistance to help him carry out his assignment.

“There is no question at all that we have major issues with the National Assembly, major issues in Kano, Kogi, Benue states which the current challenge that we are facing,” Oyegun said.

“So, we truly welcome your appointment and I want to say that we will give you all the assistance that you will possibly need to make your assignment a most successful one.”



  1. So u pple r now feeling d heat, don’t make a promise u no u can’t keep. U pple made plenty promises and instead of buhari to work immediately he entered power, he went about blaming Jonathan. U better go back and ask Jonathan how he did it

  2. I can see that national issues like fulani terrorism is jot your problem but their party internal issues is more important than the blood sheds, poverty, high cost of food stuffs, building materials, electricity etc. You can only deceive those fools that don’t want to learn but as for me I have heard losts of the blame game, lies and deception, empty promises etc. Humble yourselves and resign quietly like Zuma of south Africa

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