Herdsmen attack in Benue is vengeance for losing 1804 Jihad – Governor Ortom

The Governor of Benue State, Samuel Ortom, who sat for an interview with Osasu Igbinedion on her ‘Osasu show’, talked about the herdsmen attack witnessed in various parts of the country, including his own state.

'Herdsmen attack is a Fulani Agenda to take over Nigeria' - Governor Ortom lailasnews 1

Governor Samuel Ortom said the incessant herdsmen attacks, is an act of vengeance by herders for losing the 1804 Jihad. According to him, the people of Benue stopped the Fulanis from penetrating the state through Sokoto.

The Governor who further disclosed that he invited President Buhari to come around to console the people of the state following the herdsmen attack, said he ignored the invitation. Governor Ortom who was visibly angry in the interview, said there won’t be any campaign in the state if the clash between herdsmen and farmers in the state is not addressed.

Here’s the video below;



  1. Now u saying the root cause, wev bn saying dt, its revenge for Ottoman Danfodio’s loss in d “Benue valley” which is how PMN refers to Benue state.

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