Man beats up Jehovah Witness member who refused blood transfusion for his pregnant wife till she died

According to a Facebook user, a pregnant Jehovah Witness member who has been in labor for days died. Her death occurred due to her husband refusal for her to take in blood because of shortage.

Man beats up Jehovah Witness member who refused blood transfusion for his pregnant wife Lailasnews

Her husband who is a member of Jehovah Witness church said it is against the doctrine of the church. The doctor who wanted to go ahead by force had to stop because the husband threatened to take it up with him in court.

See the full post below accoding to Ajayi Afolabi;

So, I was at a General Hospital in Lagos while an heavily pregnant woman was rushed in on child labour. She was immediately taken to the theater and after some mins, one of the lead doctors came out to request for the husband of the pregnant lady.

DOC: Your wife is short of blood. She needs an immediate blood transfusion.

Husband: Same thing they said from the hospital she has been in the last 3 days of labour. We are Jehovah witness, we don’t accept unknown blood.

DOC: This is highly important to save your wife’s life and the unborn baby.

Husband: We have worked for the lord with all our strength, he can’t fail us, she can’t die.

DOC: I may need to proceed forcefully if you don’t accept.

Husband: Then be ready to face the law in court.

So the doctor went back to the theater, asked the woman if she has another relative close by who can sign to receive blood while she was wheeled out of the theater. The woman cried with her pale eyes and begged the husband to allow the doctors transfuse but he refused bluntly. I was so angry and I walked up to him. Tried convincing but he was so adamant and stubborn.

Some mins later, the doctors asked him to take his wife to LUTH, for better health care facilities that could condole non blood transfusion. He was requested to get an ambulance for transportation. To my surprise, this nigga got a Volvo stretcher ambulance meant for dead people. Gosh, so angry at this point.

Called a couple of people around and I aided a quick release of a proper life saving ambulance. While wheeling this woman to the ambulance after wasting about 4hours, she gave up in tears and was later confirmed that the unborn baby also died.

Wow! What a wicked world in the name of a borrowed religion. Then the husband bursted into tears. I didn’t do much, I moved close, looked straight into his eyes, slapped and gave him a couple kicks which later threw the whole general hospital into chaos.

I later reminisced over it the following day and asked myself this questions; why would I allow my loved one die in the name of a religion? Should the religion save lives or kill?

This incidence really generated Facebook users, some people blamed the husband, some the wife, some religion.



  1. Imagine?….. Dis is wat happen wen people are been religious dan dose dan owned d religious demselves….. He killed his wife and d baby wit his own hands.

  2. sincerely I hope I witness this because I will make sure he has a scar that he will be curing for the rest of his life….. stupid man

  3. very tragic,the husband will live with the guilt for ever. May the spirit of the dead wife haunt and torture him till he dies.

  4. This story is a fabricated one: No Jehovah’s Witnesses will tell u their doctrine did not allow them accept blood transfusion; No member would beg her husband to allow doctors transfuse on her; it’s a personal matter.
    I want to tell u no Jehovah’s Witnesses members would suffer for that long, for 4 days, without their organisation rendered meaningful assistance.
    “We are Jehovah’s Witnesses, we don’t accept unknown blood”, the husband was quoted as saying. That was blatant lies. All the write up was imagination of the ‘eyewitness’.
    Not only Jehovah’s Witnesses refused blood transfusion because of their individual belief. Even doctors who administer blood to their patients do no not accept blood transfusion.
    All over the world non-blood surgery is what they practice now.
    Everybody has the right to determine what type of medical treatment to be given to him/her.

  5. He lost the wife and the child Cos of useless belief.Who gave the doctors knowledge and who gives their pastors or whatever they called them knowledge to teach. May God save some of thm from ignorance

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