Buhari reveals what will make Nigerians happy

President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday disclosed what will make Nigerians happy.

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Buhari said if Nigerians were given good roads, railway and stable power, they will be happy.

He said this while noting that all mismanaged and misappropriated national assets recovered will be sold off and proceeds paid to the treasury for the benefit of the country.

Buhari spoke in Daura, Katsina State and was contained in a statement by one of his spokespersons, Garba Shehu.

The President said said his administration will continue to pursue a robust, effective and legitimate anti-corruption campaign that safeguards the treasury and commonwealth of all Nigerians.

He said he would not allow a repeat of what happened in the “1980s when buildings and other ill-gotten property seized by his military administration were returned to corrupt officials following his ouster as Head of State.”

Buhari also assured that his administration will consolidate on the gains and monumental achievements in the development of infrastructure across the country.

He said, “For most ordinary Nigerians, if you give them good roads, railway and stable electric power they will be happy to carry on with their lives.

‘‘We are doing so much for our country and we will continue to do more out of the fear of God.”



  1. Ur rite cos stable power, good roads and railways will make us happy but we can’t enjoy all dis when we r dead. What will make us truly happy is when u handle herdsmen, Boko Haram and beef up security in d nation or u jejely tender ur resignation and applaud a youth to take over.

  2. Yes, Good road, railway, stable electricity, jobs and security which is d most important of dem all. Secure our life plz, we don’t want to live in fear anymore.

  3. Even a fool knows what will make us happy. You don’t need a primary certificate to know what will make us happy. You don’t need to teach a child to know he’s hungry. So pls stop saying u know what will make us happy…this is nonsense. In what way have you bettered the life of the people…hunger everywhere..insecurity..no light…after buying fuel at high cost for the car you still buy for the house…most inner roads are bad and flooded when rain falls. Abeg u have done nothing. What will make us happy indeed is for u not to rig the election in 2019. Rubbish!

  4. Old man go back to daura. You’re outdated in current happenings in the economy. Instead of creating jobs for Nigerians millions of people lost their jobs.

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