I became a billionaire even without a University degree – Folorunso Alakija

One of the richest women in Africa, Folorunso Alakija has made a revelation about her life that not so many people know of. According to the billionaire, she was able to achieve greatness in life even without a University degree.

I became a billionaire even without a University degree - Folorunso Alakija lailasnews 4

Folorunso Alakija took to Instagram to share this piece and she also opened up that she is the 8th child in her family of about 52 children.

She wrote:

“I would like to encourage you on my encounter with the Glory of God.

It happened almost 27 years ago when I gave my life to Christ at the age of 40 and my life has not been the same ever since, I pray your life too, will experience a total turn around.

I was born almost 67 years ago, into a large and illustrious polygamous Muslim family as number 8 out of 52 children through a father who had 8 wives.

Back then large families were common, but what was unusual was that I was one of the very first few Nigerian children who left it’s shores to go and study abroad at such a tender age of 7.

Even at that age, I knew I could not afford to let my family down cause I was seen as an ambassador.

My desire was to study law but my Daddy did not believe in investing in girls at that time.

Today, I have no university degree, but God’s glory lifted me up and I have received numerous Honorary Doctorate Degrees at home and abroad.

All of what you now see today has taken almost two and a half decades, so I am not an overnight success. On the contrary. Through God’s grace, I am a blood bought totally forgiven, absolutely redeemed, heaven bound child of God.

I have had to make sacrifices like everyone else, faced challenges but never given up.

I have not compromised myself, my values or my faith.




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  2. The beauty of the story is Christ, ultimately! We thank God for that. Of course being a success in life is not about acquiring university degree or degrees. After all, King Solomon said in the Inspired Words and I quote: “I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong; neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happen to them all.” To bring the point home, if having intellectual ability is the yardstick for acquiring wealth, many university professors will by now, be very rich! This is instructive!

  3. Fantastic submission! Your life is a testament that all power belongs to Jesus and He’ll uplift anytime who served Him. The fact that you are unashamedly a born again Christian is highly inspirational and encouraging! The God who did yours will also do mine speedily in Jesus name! U inspire me ma. His bless u!

  4. Oil block compliments of Mrs Marian Babangida to whom you were her dressmaker. Please while givi g all glory to God be truthful about your humble background and beginning.

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