Call us to help out if you have failed – Sultan of Sokoto tells Buhari

The Sultan of Sokoto , Alhaji Sa ’ad Abubakar III, has told President Muhammadu Buhari to consult him and other stakeholders if he cannot solve the security problems of the country.

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He said if Buhari had failed, he should call them to help out, adding that it was unfair to label all Fulani as killers.

He said that criminality must not be mixed with ethnicity.

The Sultan said this at the public presentation of a book, Dynamics of Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences in Abuja yesterday.

According to the monarch, “We don’t accept criminals in our midst. We must fish them (the killer herdsmen) out and deal with them. The worst word you can hear nowadays is the Fulani issue.

“There are millions of Fulani who don’t even know what a cow is. I am a Fulani and I am not a herder. I am a proud Fulani. But everyone believes that when you see a Fulani, he is a killer.

“It is not true. So, for anyone to label any particular ethnicity is wrong. Let’s give criminals their ideal name; not Christian criminals, not Fulani criminals, not Muslim criminals. If the government has failed, let them call us to come and help out.

“Uthman Dan Fodio founded the caliphate many years ago. He said conscience is an open wound, only truth can heal it. We must take a negative inner feeling away from us. We must not allow our biases to prevail over truth.”



  1. So you people still wanna help out after all this killings from your side. Inshort he should jus let go after his regime over, then u can go help him in his house.

  2. Ur rite and I think u pple should no all d killers. U can’t say ur a novice in dis. Plz buhari meet them to help fish out ur brothers herdsmen dat is if u will agree

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