‘Elephants’ll seize ballot boxes in 2019’ – Nigerians react to ‘N70m stolen by monkeys

Shehu Sani, senator representing Kaduna central, stirred controversy at the upper legislative chamber on Wednesday when he said monkeys carted away N70 million from senators’ farmhouse.

He spoke after the northern caucus in the senate made known their decision to remove Abdullahi Adamu, senator representing Nasarawa west, as chairman.

Adamu was accused of misappropriating the N70 million which Sani said monkeys took away.

The lawmaker’s comment sparked an outcry on social media, particularly on Twitter.

Many made reference to how a clerk of the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) in Benue state said snake swallowed N36 million, while some recalled how President Muhammadu Buhari could not return to office after a long vacation because “rodents took over the place in his absence”.

Here are some of the things said:

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Most Influential person in our “Animal Kingdom” rn?

RT for Senate Monkey
FAV for JAMB Snake

Nigeria under Buhari

Rats were given presidential welcome.

Snakes made millionaires over night.

Monkey now the richest animal.

Nigeria we hail thee!@segalink @MrStanleyNwabia

The way animals are cashing out recently in Naija. First, it was snake that swallowed 36m, Now monkey ran away with 70m. God shey u won’t turn me to crocodile like this? 🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

Was here tweeting and an ordinary monkey swallowed N76million.

I’m leaving these humans on twitter and going back to the Bush

First snake swallowed 36million naira.
Now a monkey swallowed 70 million naira.
I’m going to take zoo form, I want to be a Dragon so I can swallow 1 billion naira..
Since animals are now making it more than humans in this country😭😭😭😭😭

Animals have taken over Nigeria oh . A sitting Senator confirmed . In his words “ Monkey carted away with N70 Million Naira in senators’ Farm”

If this isn’t the biggest joke of the century 🤣🤣🤣

Rat-snake-now its a monkey..Smh😣
Since all these dumb asses cant control the government,let the animals rule please,let them give it a try atleast they will know how to recoup money for the nation

Now it’s monkey 🤦🤦🤦 am tired of this country, who have visa they are not using holla at me please

Snake stole N36m.
Monkey stole N70m.
Snake in the monkey shadow.

Animals no dey carry last for Nigeria again.

These few years have seen animals become part of Nigeria. Today it’s Monkey. I am so sure that during the elections next year we will hear that elephants took away the ballot boxes.

Snake swallowed $36million and thought he had made it in life forgetting that Jackie Chan taught us that the snake will always be in the Monkey’s shadow

I am the monkey that swallowed 70 million naira and i wont return it to the farm

They Said Monkey Also took Away 70 million naira belonging to Northern Senators Forum…

It seems Animals are getting Richer in Nigeria while citizens are suffering. 😥

The Nigerian Monkey that stole N70m spotted on vacation living life to the fullest….

Forget Snake swallowing money;
Worry not not about Monkey carting away money;

What about UFOs escaping with all the occupants of Aso Rock midnight?

The REAL good news.

Why Nigerians shud cry is d fact that these ravenous hounds they’ve chosen to appoint as leaders have no regrets whatsoever abt d state of d nation.

Later some stupid broke urban monkeys will be chanting “Buhari to 2023” when one ordinary bush monkey is over N70million rich!



  1. Hahahaha, lmao. Abeg i laff sotey I dey imagine myself in a romantic mood wit d monkey involved wit d stolen money. No abuse me o, Sebi dem kuku say dey were half human too

  2. This is a serious mystery, animals are carting away with money in our country, people are dying while others are taking pictures, therez God oooo .
    Very soon a lion will go and swallow CBN.

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