Man beats wife to death, dumps her body inside the Lagos lagoon

A man has been caught after the lifeless body of his wife was discovered under a structure she built by herself along the shore of the Lagos Lagoon by Oke Eri street, Oworonshoki, Lagos. The man was reported to have beaten the woman to death.

Man Beats Wife To Death, Dumps Her Body Inside The Lagos Lagoon


According to one Olarevolution, the deceased and her husband were always having fights. Eleven days ago, they had another fight which resulted in the husband getting her arrested.

She was detained at a police station in Oworonshoki and was released the next day. On arriving home, the fight started again and she was reported to have been beaten blue-black by the man until she passed out.

Noticing she was lifeless, he shaved all her hairs and dumped her body in the waters. Neighbors who were bothered about her whereabouts inquired from the husband who was quick to deny having knowledge of where she had gone.

However, some few days later, the lifeless body of the woman was discovered under a structure around their home that she had built herself. The neighbor then alerted other member of the community before the man was eventually apprehended and then later on handed over to the police.

The man was beaten, stripped and paraded around the community before he was handed over to the police. He is reported to be an aggressive person within the community. Though the wife was also reported to be quite troublesome and the couple, according to some members of the community had always been formulating troubles.

Upon inquiry, the man blamed his action on the devil and claimed that the woman had always been provoking him. He claimed that he got her arrested after she caused harms on his body and even after she was released, she continued with her problems, which eventually led to the scuffle that caused her death.



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