Couple gets evicted over unpaid rent 3weeks after spending N3m on wedding

A Nigerian couple have been reportedly evicted from their home by their landlord over unpaid rent, after spending N3m on their wedding.

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According to a twitter user ,Ayokaade, who shared the story on the platform, the said couple lavished N3m on their wedding onlybto be evicted from their house 3weeks after.

It was reported that apart from the N3m spent on the wedding, they also spent N300k for additional honeymoon shopping.

The couple who had gone out of their way to spend lavishly on the Irish wedding were said to have done so in order to be featured on a wedding blog.

Unfortunately, the wedding blog,’Bella naija’ did not end up featuring them and the couple ended up blaming the vendors,make up artist, and the guys in charge of cinematography.

The twitter user added that though the couple reached out to people to help with their pending debts, they have since gotten no help from all the people they had tried to impress.

Below is the twitter post;:-



  1. Stupid couple spending #3.3million in your wedding and honeymoon trying to impress people while your rent was left pending?
    Do you think the landlord is a fool ni?

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