Primary school student crushed to death by BRT bus in Ikorodu (Disturbing Photo)

According to several online reports, there is confusion and chaos in Ikorodu area of Lagos after a BRT bus accidentally killed a student of the C&S primary school in Ogolonto/Majidun. The pupil whose head was smashed in the process of the crash died instantly on the spot.

Graphic: BRT bus crushes student to death in Ikorodu

It really sad and painful that a young student that left home for school this morning won’t return to parents again. May the soul of the student rest in peace.

Several people have reacted to the accident on social media, see some people’s reaction below.

Too many deaths and accidents going on in Yoruba land. Yoruba people should seek atonement for the death of millions of Igbo kids bcoz of Awolowo

The Lagos state govt shld be hold responsible for this . How can school built across express road n there is no pedestrian bridge for the pupils to make used… it high time govt need to pay high price for there negligence… it so sad

Was the mother with the kid? How can you leave him alone to go to school himself…..Some people are not suppose to be mother 😡😡😡RIP little one

His Mother will be devastated. I pray God gives her the strength to overcome the shock and pain.

If not for a disorganized society like Nigeria,normally dedicated Brt lanes are not suppose to be used by pedestrians.Rip

The government could constructed a bridge,this could have been avoided

Jeez God ohh Rip to him jeez another bright mind taken away just so sad, he never knew he would be dead today, am surr he played yesterday and looked forward to a good week, ah God why.. Jeez Rip, God pls console his parents oh lord so so sad

Was the kid alone ? All these parents that will just born and leave their kids alone , my mother that still followed me to school uptill university level and left me alone 200 level when i complained of her embarrasing me. May the soul of the child Rip



  1. Its sad. R.I.P to him. Can’t really blame d mother cus i dont think its d boy first time of going to sch alone.

  2. RIP 2 him/her,Adelove no need 2 blame d parent cos itz not evridat dey will carry dem 2 skool aybe cos of deir job,but instead blame d lagos govt 4 not building an overhead bridge wich will have even prevented diz kind of disaster.

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