(Episode 6) Should you Tithe while you’re getting out of Debt… Interesting Story!

(Episode 6) Should you Tithe while you're getting out of Debt... Interesting Story!

Mercy: it is not a sin but right now, I need to obey what Pastor has said.

David: Did he also instigate that you should not meet your husband?

Mercy: He didn’t say anything on that but he talked about staying pure during this period. It is just for a few days.

David: Few days you said? I can’t believe you just utter that word out of your mouth, what is the few days here when I am in need of a good love making from my wife?

Mercy: I am sorry but in this case, I will have to obey the word of my pastor.

David: ‘you mean it’ he looked at her to know if she was serious.

Mercy: I mean every word ooo.

David: ‘Okay’ he stood up and was about to leave the room.

Mercy: Where are you going this night?

David: Since you have refused to allow me touch you, there is no need staying or sleeping in the same bed with you.

Mercy: Why?

David: Because there is no point staying here with you.

Mercy: Why?

David: What kind of stupid question is that? What is the point staying here when I cannot touch or have access to you?

Mercy: I am sorry but It doesn’t mean you should go out there and sleep.

David: ‘it is better there than here as it stands now’ He hissed, dragged the pillow she was holding and stormed out of the room.

Mercy: ‘Why can’t he understand, just two weeks and he is acting as if life will not go on if he doesn’t have it this night. Well, there is no way me I will go there and beg him because if I do, he will want to come and continue where he stops. It is better he sleeps wherever he feels like this period for God knows that whatever I am doing is for the betterment of our family. Pastor preached about purification and purification is what I intend doing. He will have to bear it ooo’ she said and went back to bed.


Meanwhile, After the conversation Nathaniel had with his brother a few days ago, concerning furnishing his new Apartment, he was contemplating if he was going to use all the money to really furnish his apartment. He braced himself up for he wasn’t going to do his brother bidding.

He was counting the money and separating them when his friend Jasper entered the room.

Jasper: Ah! Nathaniel, this one wey you dey with this kind huge amount of money? Wetin shelle?

Nathaniel: ‘Na the money my brother give me to use furnish my apartment’ he said without looking up and continued what he was doing.

Jasper: Ehen! How much is it?

Nathaniel: Three Hundred Thousand naira.

Jasper: Wow! That your brother really dey try for you oooo.

Nathaniel: Yes ooo and I thank God that I have him in my life else, I wonder what would have been my fate by now.

Jasper: You are really lucky.

Nathaniel: It is God oooo.

Jasper: By  the way, why are you separating them? Is there something you want to use the money for other than what he asked you to do?

Nathaniel: Yes.

Jasper: What is it?

Nathaniel: I want to use some of them for church.

Jasper: I don’t get.

Nathaniel: ‘You see this one here’ he pointed to one of the bundle of money he seperated ‘It is for church’.

Jasper: The other two nko?

Nathaniel: this one is for furnishing my apartment and this one here pointing to the other bundle of money is for church too.

Jasper: How come you have two different bundles for church when the money was given to you for your apartment?

Nathaniel: Yes oooo but just forget my brother. I can’t use all this money to furnish an apartment when there is a lot of money needed for the house of God and other purpose?

Jasper: When you start working, you can use your own hard earned money for that not the money given to you for something  else.

Nathaniel: Since he gave me the money, it means the money is now mine na.

Jasper: You shouldn’t do that oooo. It is not advisable.

Nathaniel: that I shouldn’t use the money for God’s purpose.

Jasper: yes when the purpose for which it was given has not been met.

Nathaniel: That’s why I have this section for it na.

Jasper: It shouldn’t be that way. Okay fine, how much did you leave for furnishing your apartment?

Nathaniel: HundredThousand naira.

Jasper: Hahahahahaha. It seems you don’t know that the money will go nowhere.

Nathaniel: What do you mean?

Jasper: How much is mattress sef?

Nathaniel: Thirty to forty thousand naira I think.

Jasper: Are you for real?

Nathaniel: How much is it?

Jasper: we are talking about seventy to eighty thousand naira here.

Nathaniel: Wow. Are you for real?

Jasper: That money will go nowhere. You haven’t even mentioned kitchen utensils, curtains and other stuff. Its better you use all the money for it.

Nathaniel: I can’t oooo. I will just add a little to it and buy smaller stuff. Maybe I won’t go for the big sized bed, I will go for the smaller one which should be cheaper.

Jasper: I have just told you what I think, things are expensive like crazy.

Nathaniel: I hear but I can’t live out the work of God.

Question: What do you have to say about this Interesting Story thus far?

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  1. We all get carried away all bcus of religion …wen will Christians open their eyes you can’t be suffering all in d name that you are pleasing the church ..

  2. I hope it won’t b too late for u duo(Merci&Nath) and u shouldn’t blame it on d church if it is cus u both lack wisdom. U only following ur pastor steps n direction and not d Bible or God’s way to handle d situation.

  3. Haahahahaha….. Mercy and Nathaniel has been brainwashed……. Wat a pity…… Cos d bible doesn’t teaches in dose ways dey re acting on.

  4. madness in the name of going to church, and that is what we are seeing everyday nowadays, pastors brain washing and confusing members in the of preaching to them the word of God.

  5. Mercy is pushing her husband outside. I hope she will not leave to regret her actions. Nathaniel too is being stupid. All he needs to do is to pay 30k tithes on the money and spend the rest on furnishing the house.

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